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  1. Re: Looking to share a ride LAX to Coachella

    Hey I'm 22, from Australia (Brisbane) living in London, and my girlfriend and I (23, British) are coming over from London for our first Coachella. We're looking to carpool on the friday morning as...
  2. Re: Looking for company on the ride from LAX to Coachella 2nd weekend

    Hey mate, I'm an aussie guy from Brisbane and my girlfriend and I are looking for a ride to Coachella from LA for the second weekend. Our plan was to head down on the morning of the 18th as that's...
  3. Looking to Carpool from LA - but we don't have a car!

    Hey, we are one guy and one girl looking to carpool from LA on friday and back to LA on monday morning. We're 23 and 22, 1 Aussie and 1 Brit coming to Coachella from London. If you have space for us...
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