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  1. Re: 3 seats from PDX, car camping pass and extra ticket :)

    Any seats still open in this? Email me
  2. Re: Offering a ride from Vancouver - Coachella (Weekend Two)

    Hey man,

    So I'm in Idaho, but I could possibly meet you somewhere or something when you're on the way there. Do you think we could possibly work something out? Email me at
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    Re: The West Coast Carpool

    Hey I'm in Moscow, Idaho, but I could probably make it to Sandpoint. When are you thinking you'll be passing through there? Could I possibly hitch a ride as well? I'd pitch in for gas and good times....
  4. Looking for Ride from Idaho (Weekend 2)

    Hi all,

    My friends got scammed out of their tickets by a sketchy dude, probably with a neck tattoo. But I still have my ticket, and they were my ride. Is there anybody heading to Coachella weekend...
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