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  1. Still have one friday ticket for dirt cheap!!!

    I'm willing to practically give my friday ticket for a cheap price like $45 dollars plus the $15 to overnight ship it. Pay through PayPal. I'm willing to negotiate. Must sell today!!! Contact me...
  2. One Friday ticket for $60 or best offer!!! Let me know Stat!

    I had a 3day pass, but I sold my Sat & Sun tics with no complications. I just need to sell Fridays ticket. Purchase them through PayPal and I will send them overnight. The sooner you want them and...
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    Re: Need Fri Sat Tix

    I could match the $100, but you'll have to recieve then tomorrow or thursday because I go to UTEP in El Paso, and its going to be at least a day to ship them to you.
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    Re: looking for sat sun ticket

    I got exactly what u need and a friday ticket if you want it. You can sell it at the show if you'ed like. I'll throw the friday tic for free. I'll sell you the Sat & Sunday tic for $150 plus the...
  5. Re: Need 2 SAT. Tix-- flying in from NY

    I have one saturday ticket that I can ship to you if your interested. Pay me through pay pal. I'm asking for $95. email me at
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    Re: Need Fri Sat Tix

    I have your Fri & Sat tics. I will over night them to you. Contact me at or I'm will ing to negotiate the price if you don't think $130 is reasonable. ...
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    Re: Fri & Sat Tickets Needed

    I am willing to sell you Friday & Saturday tics for $150 or willing to negotiate. I'll sell the 3day pass for $200. I really want to get rid of them. Contact me at or...
  8. One 3day pass for $200. Buy through PAY-PAL. N E 1 looking 2 buy?

    I still have one 3day ticket that i'm selling for $200 but i'm willing to negotiate and help n e one out, as long as I get these tics off my hands & they don't go to waste. N e one looking to buy...
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    Re: Need a Sun tix-LA area

    I will sell you a Sunday, Saturday, and Friday or (3day pass) tic for $200. Just for the Sunday $130. Contact me at or I go through pay pal. I'm willing...
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    Re: Wanted - 3 day pass and camping

    I am willing to sell you a 3day pass for $250. I do not have a camping pass though. You must pay me through pay pal. I could negotiate down to $200. Anything to help you out. You can private...
  11. Re: Need 3-day pass, camping ticket and ticket from NYC to Palm Springs...

    I have a 3day pass for $200. Contact me @ or
    You pay through pay pal.
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    3 day pass-$240!

    SOmeone please take these take these tickets off my hands! The person that was gonna buy them never got back to me. Don't let them go to waste. I can't go because of school. I only accept paypal....
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    Re: 3 Day Pass for $250!!!!

    It's getting close! I just don't want these tix to go to waste. I'm legite! Just check my ebay feedback.
  14. Re: NEEDED ASAP... 3 day PASS and CAMP Pass

    I have the 3 day pass for $250.
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    3 Day Pass for $250!!!!

    I really need to get these tix off my hands!!! Don't let these tix go to waste. Only $250! They are listed on ebay at this link:...
  16. Re: One set of 3day passes for sale! MUST SELL NOW!!!

    C'mon its getting close. Anyone need an extra 3day pass. I'm selling one for face value $287. I WILL MAKE SURE YOU GET THEM BEFOR FRIDAY! I'm legit and just trying to sell some tickets. The...
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    Re: 2 3-day tickets for face value

    Hello jrhuato,

    I'm and I was looking for someone who was willing to buy one 3day pass.

    I have one 3day pass that I'm seeling on ebay for face value $287. I will get it...
  18. One set of 3day passes for sale! MUST SELL NOW!!!

    I desperately need to sell my tickets for asking price in less then 6 days. I will ship them over night to whomever buys them. There is no camping pass. Please DO NOT LET COACHELLA TICKETS GO TO...
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