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  1. need a ride and place to stay from phoenix, arizona

    do you have room in your group for one more? Willing to let a 23 yr old ASU student shower you with money, booze, food, and entertainment in exchange? then dont hesitate to contact me!
  2. Driving from Phoenix but nowhere to park, need a ride from Arizona or LA? weekend 2

    I bought my wristband last summer and not once thought about camping or parking (i'm a coachella virgin). I do however own a car that seats me + 3 more people and am willing to give you all a ride to...
  3. Need to trade my weekend 1 pass for a weekend 2

    Cant make the first weekend, looking to trade for your weekend 2. I dont have car camping, but its still available for weekend 1 and I am willing to buy a camping pass off of you.

    My wristband is...
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