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  1. Re: Wanting to meet new people at Coachella!

    My friend and I will be attending weekend 2. Pretty much anyone we know going to Coachella is going the 1st weekend so I'd totally be down to meet some new people to hang out with! We're both big...
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    Re: pool parties needed @ both weekends

    On April 20th, the Dirtybird crew will be playing a pool party at The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs.
  3. Re: I never realized how horrible Skrillex was until now

    Skrillex isn't bad(ok maybe he does suck live)....he is just horribly overrated.

    The best thing he's done is give us 'Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites' so Kaskade could remix it and make it...
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    Whatever it takes, I want Felguk destroying my home town!

    Bring them to Coachella 2011!!

    The Brazilian duo fits in perfectly with the heavy house hitters this year!
  5. Re: Swedish House Mafia will perform Sunday night!

    For somebody whose name is SaharaIsMyHome, you'd think you would know that Axwell is every bit as amazing solo as in SHM, all 3 of them are. Plus you get to hear what they bring to the Mafia...
  6. Re: Whos Going to Coachella and lives in the Coachella Valley?

    I ain't taking fucking stats, I'm just curious.

    Seeing how many people travel to get here, not just from around Cali, Arizona, Nevada, but from all over the country, gets me wondering how many...
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    I don't know why, but before they announced the lineup for Coachella, I was really hoping Duck Sauce would be going, and since it was confirmed, I've been hyped to no end and will be until I see them.
  8. Is this the lineup for the Pure Filth stage?

    Magnetic Man headlining on Friday night? Caspa on Sunday?
  9. Whos Going to Coachella and lives in the Coachella Valley?

    I've lived in the valley all my life (23 years) and this will be my first Coachella.

    Just curious how many other people actually live in the valley and are also going.
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