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  1. Re: WANTED: One spot in Weekend 1 hotel room

    Hey MerDub - my friend backed out of our JW Marriott hotel package, so I have a weekend 1 package (hotel/shuttle/ticket) for sale. Only catch is we have to share a king size bed. Let me know if...
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    Re: Need a site at Lake Cahuilla!!!!!!!

    I got two and only need one (weekend 1). Send me an email
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    Re: I have an extra weekend 1 pass

    It went quick folks, sorry. If they flake I will repost! Good luck everyone!!! HAPPY COACHELLA!
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    I have an extra weekend 1 pass

    Drop me an email if you are interested I'm in San Diego and am looking for someone who can come give $$ in person!
  5. Re: Indian Palms Country Club & Resort --1 spot available!

    I've noticed that! Ha! A few years ago I posted for someone to share our RV with us and it was the best decision I've made in the 7 years of attending Coachella. He's now one of my best friends. ...
  6. Indian Palms Country Club & Resort --1 spot available!

    Hi there! My girlfriends and I have room for one more in our hotel room at the Indian Palms Country Club, which is the closest hotel to the polo grounds (1 mile, walking (stumbling) distance.) We...
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    Re: Acts you regret missing?

    I have to post since I think I have you all beat. I missed Daft Punk in 2006 because I drank someone's magic elixir and couldn't move my legs. Although I could hear them in the distance.... mocking...
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    Re: COS twitter post...

    coslive: Just rumors, but U2, Pixies, Strokes, Faith No More, and Muse are names that have been floated as possible Coachella additions.
  9. Re: lake cahuilla...

    I don't think it was so much a rumor as a wish! We were hoping that with showing continued interest in getting a shuttle that they might actually have one.
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    Re: Cold Filtered Water Program

    I see that it says no food or bev in the rules.... so I guess that means that we can't bring in 2 sealed water bottles in anymore?
  11. Re: We have room for more from SD to Coachella!

    I've gotten many replies regarding our extra spots in our RV.....

    And at the moment we do have 2 spots open. If you want to join us in our RV @ Lake Cahuilla, drop me a note and we'll talk. Its...
  12. Re: Who is starting to REALLY feel the Chella spirit ??

    I think my friends who aren't going are getting sick of hearing about Coachella. I've had the feva since Feb.
  13. Re: lake cahuilla...

    I just called. I got a distinct NO.... not a chance. Someone could make a mint off of us if they wanted to. Note to all of you Indio-ites, if you need some cash take your minivan down to Lake...
  14. Re: lake cahuilla...

    Has anyone heard if there is actually going to be a shuttle yet? We'd love to just take the RV and not worry about a car, but taxis are a beotch to get at the end of the night.
  15. We have room for more from SD to Coachella!

    We're leaving Thursday from San Diego when we get our butts in gear and coming back Monday around the same time. We have an RV and a car and there are only 3 of us since most everyone is meeting us...
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