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    Re: Picking up from 'willcall'

    Has anyone (who would be affected by this) had an official response yet?

    I don't want to purchase tickets and book flights just to find out that I can get my tickets because I booked them on my...
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    Re: Why does everyone hate the chilipeppers?

    I am a massive fan of the chilis... play bass and flea has been a great inspiration for years, I even have a Modulus bass! Whoot!

    Anyway, this will be the 3rd time I have seen them in 2 years! All...
  3. Re: Flying in to LAX...Can anyone give me a ride?

    Hey I will be getting to LAX either on the 25th or 26th. I am going to be camping at the festival and returning to LAX on the 30th! I am 24 but don't drive, so if anyoen fancies hiring a car and...
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    Re: I need a ride from Los Angeles.

    I am coming from England and getting a flight to LAX, can anyone point me in the direction of this Greyhound thing then please?
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