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  1. Re: Needing a car to use for camping/ride from la weekend 2

    My bf and I scored vendor tickets last minute and are looking for a place to crash at night. We have a canopy and tent and would totally throw in some cash for the site. We are both from San Diego...
  2. Re: San Diego! 1 dude with a car camping pass wants to share camp space for a ride!

    Hey so my bf is driving up Wednesday night from Oceanside since I go to school up in Redlands and then we are leaving for coachella early thursday morning. Would you be willing to share your camping...
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    Re: Car Camping Space Avaliable

    My boyfriend and I scored vendor tickets last minute for this weekend and need a place to crash and this would be perfect! we are from san diego andthis will be my 4th year and his 2nd at coachella....
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