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  1. Can someone smarter than me post all the non-DJ/EDM artists at Coachella?

    I'm about to go to my 3rd straight Coachella, but this year I know about less of the artists than ever. I was hoping someone could compile a list of all the non-EDM acts going, as I prefer going to...
  2. Looking for someone with a car to camp with us (WK 2)

    Hey, I also posted in the carpools forum, but figured I should post here also just to get some more exposure. I and 2 other friends are gonna be going to coachella, but we're coming from Virginia. We...
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    Have wk2 car camping pass, need car

    Hello, I'm posting on behalf of myself and 2 other Virginia-based gentlemen. We're going to be heading out to Indio for weekend 2, and have a car camping pass, but we don't really have the funds to...
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    Re: 2013 Lineup - Official and Confirmed

    Jesus Friday with Modest Mouse and Yeah Yeah Yeahs is amazing, I just hope they don't make them overlap each other.

    And as for some undercards I noticed, 2 Chainz and Pusha T (which I feel like a...
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    Re: Narc-Chella 2012?

    There was a nice old man offering "nuggets and hash" in the campground around 10 sunday morning. Kinda looked like santa, but no presents. Also not sure if he was narcing or just an old school dealer.
  6. Re: WE MET AT COACHELLA... Now I'm trying to find you.

    Does he have a beard?

    Guess who!
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    Weekend 2, Leaving Thursday morn

    From Pasadena/Alhambra area. There are 2 of us in the car. Willing to bring a couple more. It's just a sedan. Figured if I could get 2 more people we could try to do something for Carpoolchella and...
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