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    Re: Top 5 Acts from Bottom 3 Lines

    1. Chris Malinchak
    2. Matthew Koma
    3. Run Weaver
    4. MO
    5. Night Terrors of 1927
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    Pros and cons of your city

    Self explanatory...

    What city do you live in? What are the pros and cons of living there?
  3. Re: Who else has had Coachella Invade their Dreams this past week?

    I had a dream that the group I'm going with decided, last minute, to drive to San Francisco and camp in a forest instead and I ended up going to Coachella by myself and still had one hell of a time!
  4. Re: The Bring Scott Walker to Coachella in 2010 Thread

    Omg. I live in Wisconsin and I was like, "What the he'll?!?!" Thank you for clarifying that. Lol
  5. Re: Northern California or Southern California?

    Haha that definitely was not taken in Madison. We don't have very many farms in Southern Wisconsin lol
  6. Re: Northern California or Southern California?

    Well, I decided to move to Santa Clarita :)
    What are your thoughts about Santa Clarita area?
    I like it because it's safer than a lot of cities in LA County. It is close to LA, but still far enough...
  7. Re: Northern California or Southern California?

    Calm down. I live in the Madison area.
  8. Northern California or Southern California?


    My name is Emily & I'm 23. I live in WI, but plan on moving to CA in the Summer. I was born in Santa Clara, but moved to WI when I was 6. I absolutely love CA & don't consider myself a...
  9. Re: House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

    I stayed with a group of 5 in the PGA West neighborhood in La Quinta and we each paid $400-$500 total for the whole weekend. It is a beautiful gated neighborhood on a golf course!
  10. Re: Past experience -- What to do when/if you spot a celebrity?

    I just smiled at them when I saw them. They are trying to enjoy a fun weekend at Coachella just like you are. Believe me... I was really hoping to find celebrities and I dreamt about dancing with...
  11. Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? :)

    My friend told me in January that she couldn't go anymore. I had to resort to the forum. A group from LA found me a few days after I posted a thread. We skyped (which I totally recommend), added each...
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    Re: Removing bracelet

    My wristband loosened up a little after the festival last weekend. I just slipped mine off on Thursday night. It took a while, but I got it. My friends said they just cut the plastic and it came off.
  13. Re: Your top five acts of Coachella 2014 (Weekend One Edition)

    And I have to add Lana!!
  14. Re: Your top five acts of Coachella 2014 (Weekend One Edition)

    1. Ellie Goulding
    3. Arcade Fire
    4. Grouplove
    5. Krewella (yes, talk about that all you want)
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    Re: Most Crowded/Least Crowded Sets

    Most crowded:
    Empire of the Sun
    Lana Del Rey
    Arcade Fire

    Least Crowded:
    Neutral Milk Hotel
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    Re: Loudest band of 2014?

    I thought the beginning of Frank Turner was pretty loud; scared the shit out of everyone haha It got better.
    Calvin Harris was pretty loud, too. We could hear him clearly while waiting for Lana.
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    Re: Celebs you've met @ past coachella

    I saw the guy from 21 Jump Street (forgot his name) behind me during Martin Garrix.
    Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and their friends were staying in the same neighborhood we were...
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    Re: Coachella message board demographics

    Madison, WI
    Outdoor and Main
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    Re: Day parking - is there enough??

    We got there at 1:30 on Saturday and still got a decent parking space. Everyone that we talked to mentioned that the parking situation was easy. I don't think you'll have a problem.

    There wasn't...
  20. Re: Food poisoning or stomach flu bug - is it just me?

    Yes! Someone in my group got food poisoning from the jerky stand on Sunday night...
  21. Re: Traffic on I-10 leaving is a nightmare

    We left La Quinta at 10 to make it to my 3:30 flight and it took us 3 hours just to get to Palm Springs. I ended up canceling my flight. I guess I should've thought about that in advance.
  22. Re: Pre and Post Coachella events/parties

    I went to the Filter Magazine Yacht Club Party on the 10th. They'll have it again this Thursday. You need to RSVP and just hope you get a confirmation email.
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    Re: Food Trucks

    This was my first Coachella, so I'm just going by one experience.

    Pad Thai- 7/10 It was pretty good! The line was slow, but it was still delicious! They only gave me like 3 pieces of chicken,...
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    Re: What boardies did you meet/see?

    I saw someone's car window that said, "Coachella Board Bitch!" while we were driving to Coachella. Who is this?
  25. Poll: Re: How much time do you spend in Beer Gardens, Terrace etc?

    This was my first Coachella. I loved the Beer Garden! It was a good place to just chill but still see the acts you wanted to see. My friends and I got a drink or 2 and then left. We stayed in there...
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    Re: Heineken House lineup - Confirmed!

    Anna Lunoe and MNDR!!!
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    Re: Conflictchella 2014

    All of Friday night... Shit!
  28. Re: Ready to get out of the snow and into the desert

    Damn! That sucks! It's been consistently in the 30s and 40s in WI. It was supposed to snow today, but it didn't. Next week, its supposed to be in the 50s every day. Getting there!
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    SELLING my Shuttle Pass (WK1)

    I know everyone is doing this, but I am selling my Shuttle Pass for Weekend 1. I am asking $50 for it. I paid $60.

    Let me know!
  30. Re: anyone looking for a shuttle pass weekend 1?

    I am also selling my shuttle pass! Let me know!
  31. Re: Ready to get out of the snow and into the desert

    It got up to 55 degrees today! It was so warm out!! My windows were open and I saw a few people wearing shorts! I can't even imagine what it's going to feel like at 90 degrees right now. I'm not...
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    Re: Wristbands ARE IN!

    I just picked mine up! As soon as the post office opened, I was out of my house. Can't wait!!!!!!
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    Re: Shuttles Passes Wanted

    Hey, I tried sending you a message, but it wouldn't send. I am selling my shuttle pass for face value! PM me!
  34. Re: Ready to get out of the snow and into the desert

    I live in the Madison area.
  35. Re: Ready to get out of the snow and into the desert

    I live in Wisconsin, too. Luckily, it hasn't been that cold for weeks!
  36. Re: Ready to get out of the snow and into the desert

    I'm from Wisconsin
  37. Re: Ready to get out of the snow and into the desert

    Same! I watched the live stream last year while it was snowing. I'm more than ready for it to be here. Hoping I don't come back with more snow. Luckily, it's going to be in the 30's for the rest of...
  38. Re: Ready to get out of the snow and into the desert

    The snow is nice for the first two months, but then it can go. The negative temperatures can go, too lol
  39. Ready to get out of the snow and into the desert

    I don't know about you, but I've been around snow since November. The desert needs to come, um, like, NOW!
  40. Re: Who else has had Coachella Invade their Dreams this past week?

    I had a dream that my parents decided to go to the festival. They set my alarm clock to the wrong time so they could catch my flight...
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    Re: Selling my shuttle pass (W1)

    Still looking. I'm asking face value ($60).
  42. Re: I am particularly fired up for Coachella today

    This will be my first year going and let's just say I'm a little Coachella obsessed! I've been planning, watching YouTube videos, and shopping for outfits for months now! We're almost there!!!
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    Selling my shuttle pass (W1)

    I don't need my shuttle pass anymore. Let me know if you need one! :) I'm selling it for face value.
  44. Going solo now... (Weekend1)- First timer

    I just got a text from my friend saying she's going to have to bail now because of money... Looks like I'm Going solo because there's no way I'm selling my ticket! We've been planning this trip since...
  45. Re: Yo let's start a first timer Coachella going solo group!

    I'm now going solo... My friend just told me she's unable to go because of money.
  46. We are willing to give a ride if you're willing to share Car Camping pass :)

    My friend and I are going to weekend 1 and are in need of somewhere to sleep!

    I will be flying into the Vegas airport and my friend is picking me up. If you live in the Vegas area or in Los...
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    YES! I feel like no one has talked about Krewella! Stoked!! I saw them live in Chicago last summer! Can't waittt! :)
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    Re: Buy Just Parking

    Companion parking and VIP parking is still available. I'm assuming you can buy them separately.
  49. Re: How did you get off work for Coachella?

    I have a full-time job and I bought my passes during the pre-sale. I asked off work in September and I got it off right away. Good luck!
  50. Trade my Shuttle Pass for a Car Camping spot (Weekend 1)

    Did you decide not to camp anymore and would rather stay somewhere else?
    Well, I decided to camp instead of stay at a hotel.

    I will trade my Shuttle Pass for your Car Camping Pass.

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