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    Re: Bumpershoot 2013?

    Oh, you're right, I forgot about that. But yeah, usually they don't have anyone big enough playing there that it would fill up. Even with bands that have huge lines like The Wombats and Atari Teenage...
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    Re: Bumpershoot 2013?

    I've gone for the past four years and it's always been well worth the price. I've never once been denied access to any music act I wanted to see. Though it is possible for the main stage to fill up,...
  3. Re: Music Midtown in Atlanta has Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters Headlining.

    Why is Saturday so much more stacked than Friday? I would totally go Saturday if I lived anywhere near Atlanta.
  4. Re: Lollapalooza 2012 - Perry's Pleasure Party!!!

    Aside from Passion Pit vs. The Shins and fun. being put in the Grove for some reason the schedule looks great to me.
  5. Re: Bumbershoot Labor Day Weekend, 2012 Saturday 9/1–Monday 9/3 at Seattle Center

    This is only part of the lineup. There's going to be a metal showcase added to one of the days, and a whole stage full of electronic acts added to each day (including some late night/early morning...
  6. Re: Bumbershoot Labor Day Weekend, 2012 Saturday 9/1–Monday 9/3 at Seattle Center

    Not much weirder than Hall and Oates, Wiz Khalifa, and Ray LaMontagne were last year. Bumbershoot usually only has one headliner that I'm excited about, if that, but their undercard is always good...
  7. Re: Bumbershoot Labor Day Weekend, 2012 Saturday 9/1–Monday 9/3 at Seattle Center

    The Lonely Forest > Broken Social Scene > Atari Teenage Riot > Das Racist > Butthole Surfers > The Kills was also really nice, for that matter. Bumbershoot is a way better deal than pretty much any...
  8. Re: Lollapalooza 2012 - Perry's Pleasure Party!!!

    Just in case anyone cares, Dr. P was added to the lineup. No word on what day he's playing yet.
  9. Re: Capitol Hill Block Party 2012 - Seattle, July 20-22.

    Looks very bad so far... I'm assuming they have a few big headliners coming, because that's not going to sell $85 tickets.
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    Re: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

    Well that settles that. I'll make sure to see the last ten minutes of his set to catch Don't Look Back In Anger, and no more conflict.
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    Re: Set Time Predictions - SATURDAY

    But... The band has Christopher Thorn in it. That's definitely something to do with Blind Mellon. Also agree with moving AWOLNATION to mid-afternoon in the Mojave.
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    Re: RHCP vs BLACK KEYS - as a headliner

    The Black Keys are a far better band than RHCP ever were. But I'd still probably take RHCP over a Black Keys repeat.
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    Re: The Sexiest Coachella '12 Artists

    Steve Angello, Kaskade, and Feed Me are all really hot! I think I figured out why twelve year old girls and closet gay men love these shitty DJs so much. Anyways, here are pictures of other...
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    Re: Coachella 2012 vs Bonnaroo 2012

    Coachella looks way better, but Bonaroo does have better headliners, by the looks of it. Ben Folds Five is also a nice get.
  15. Re: Give me your Top 5 bands from the bottom 3 lines of any day(s)

    There are so many good ones this year!

    Friday: 1. Wolf Gang 2. Neon Indian 3. GIVERS 4. WU LYF 5. Yuck

    Saturday: 1. The Head and The Heart 2. The Vaccines 3. Grouplove 4. Black Lips 5. The Big...
  16. Re: What bands are going to rock the hardest?

    Sleeper Agent can get pretty crazy.
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    Re: Set Time Predictions - SATURDAY

    Maybe switch We Are Augustines with Dragonette? Dragonette seems like a good Mojave act to me, and We Are Augustines would flow a lot better into Group Love.
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    Re: Outside Lands 2012

    And by "crazy acts" you mean Sasquatch's four highest billed acts and then Tool, Chilli Peppers and Bruce Springsteen to round it out?

  19. Re: Things That Will Not Be Overheard At Coachella 2012

    "I can't wait to see The Midnight Beast, they're so funny!"
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    Re: Your top 5 songs (Coachella 2012)

    1. The Head and The Heart - Lost in My Mind
    2. The Shins - New Slang
    3. Wolf Gang - The King and All of His Men
    4. The Vaccines - Family Friend
    5. GIVERS - Ceiling of Plankton
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    Re: Best+Worst Discoveries 2012

    This is Hardcore was 114. They aren't nearly as popular here as in the UK, but yeah, lots of people like them.
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    Re: Best+Worst Discoveries 2012

    Yes. A ton of them. They are very popular here. The OP's shitty taste in music is not a proper reflection of every American's taste.
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    Re: Is Friday the worst day by far?

    Yeah, Friday and Saturday seem a lot more stacked than Sunday. Though I can see why people are really excited for Dr. Dre all things considered.
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    Re: Set Time Predictions - coming soon

    I could see Neon Indian mid-afternoon in the Sahara. I mean, they do seem like they'd fit better in the Mojave, but with how barren the Sahara is looking I don't think they'd be too out of place...
  25. Re: Which performance are you most excited for?

    Top 10:

    Friday: Wolf Gang, Neon Indian, The Black Keys
    Saturday: The Shins! Anyone? No? Oh... OK, The Head and The Heart, The Vaccines, Miike Snow, AWOLNATION, Buzzcocks
    Sunday: Calvin Harris
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    Re: Givers at Coachella 2012

    They put on a pretty awesome show last time I saw them. And they signed people's shoes and sunglasses (I'm sure they would sign other things, but it was mostly shoes) if you threw them up on stage....
  27. Thread: Grouplove

    by PenisMuncher

    Re: Grouplove

    They play Tongue Tied and Colours all the time here... Then again, there's only one radio station I listen to a lot, but I imagine most alternative stations have given Colours some airtime.

  28. Re: Name one artist that would save the Sahara this year

    Yes! I would camp out at the Sahara all day Sunday if Moby was there.

    Friday and Saturday seem pretty unsalvageable, though. Especially Saturday.
  29. Poll: Re: Which day are you most looking forward to?

    Friday has so much great stuff in it, it's going to be a mass of conflicts. Saturday is pretty nice, too. Sunday doesn't have a lot for me, though.
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    Poll: Re: Best Cereal

    Yeah, Reese's Puffs are the best. They finally started selling those in the store near my house (it's a small store) a few weeks ago!
  31. Poll: Re: Explosions in the Sky vs. Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    EITS, Godspeed seems like they might be a little boring live, at least for me. But I intend to at least check them both out for a bit.
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    Re: Your top 10 anticipated acts of 2012

    1. The Shins
    2. The Black Keys
    3. The Head and The Heart
    4. Miike Snow
    5. Wolf Gang
    6. Neon Indian
    7. Buzzcocks
    9. Pulp
    10. Gotye
  33. Re: Which of the GV-30 bands would you like to see this year at Coachella

    Social Distortion and Bad Religion would both be terrific.
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    Re: 2012 Lineup Confirmations/Rumors Thread

    Oh no, does this mean Simple Plan is out of the question, too!?
  35. Re: I never realized how horrible Skrillex was until now

    Hey you do not throw a soda can at Skrillex when he is going fucking hard! He won't mess you up, but he will scold you like a 70 year old nun.
  36. Thread: LMFAO

    by PenisMuncher

    Re: LMFAO

    They played on The Real World two years ago so they must be good, right?
  37. Re: Which rumored band/artist will force you to go both weekends?

    A live set from Moby would probably drag me there both weekends. Or possibly James Blake. Either of those would be great.
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    Re: Coldplay Has Hit a New Low

    Apparently Coldplay is either into fatties or bestiality. Why else would they write a love song about an elephant?
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    Re: So if blink 182 was at coachella....

    Can't we just put them early afternoon in Gobi?
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    Re: 2012 Lineup Confirmations/Rumors Thread

    Klaxons were technically supposed to be there. There was no way to tell they were going to cancel. Honestly the 2011 post looks accurate enough. 17/25 is not bad at all. Not saying I put any stock in...
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    Re: The Smiths and Stone Roses for 2012

    Forget The Smiths, please let this be the big reunion act for next year!
  42. Re: Bumbershoot 2011 September 3-5 at Seattle Center

    Actually ended up going all three days. The Kills, Butthole Surfers, Valient Thorr, Presidents of The USA, Amy Schumer/Eugine Mirman standup, and Hall & Oates were all amazing.

    I didn't even mind...
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    Re: Sahara 2012 Wishlist Thread

    Apollo 440
    Flying Lotus
    Major Lazer
    Holy Ghost!
    Fatboy Slim
    Richie Hawtin
    Pretty Lights
    Glitch Mob
    John Digweed
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    Re: Upcoming Shows

    Actually, it's with Z-Trip and Four Tet. Flying Lotus cancelled for some reason.

    Back to lurking now.
  45. Re: For those who wear ear plugs at Coachella ...

    They're a must if you're going to shows constantly. But if you're just going to a show every one or two months (which I know isn't the case for most people here) I don't think ear plugs are...
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    Poll: Re: Who will headline Coachella 2012?

    Beastie Boys seems the most likely to me.
  47. Re: Bumbershoot 2011 September 3-5 at Seattle Center

    The schedule was released:

    Everything's spaced out pretty well, except for like three of the big(ish) names always conflicting right at the end. But that wasn't...
  48. Re: Bumbershoot 2011 September 3-5 at Seattle Center

    Comedy lineup was announced here.
  49. Re: Acts which, upon more exposure, you now wish you had seen but didn't

    Wish I'd seen Chromeo instead of The Strokes this year. Seems like it would have been a really fun set. But other than that, no regrets.
  50. Re: What is the most embarrassing song you have on your ipod?

    MGMT - Boogie Down
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