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  1. Re: Anyone else disappointed that M83 didn't play any older more electronic stuff?

    They played sitting and colours (10 min+ song) in an hour set... coming off their most critically and commerical sucessful release full of great poppy dance songs. how could you not be pleased with...
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    Re: Who were you FRONT ROW for?????

    Was anyone else in the front row for r3hab, breakbot, sebastian, and feed me weekend 2?

    I was one of the drunk ass texan people dancing like crazy hahah
  3. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend two edition)

    1) Radiohead
    2) bon iver
    3) real estate
    4) the weeknd/justice/girltalk combo (dance party)
    5) being front row dead center for r3hab, breakbot (soooo awesome), sebastian, feedme (pretty much only...
  4. Re: The Official "I'm Taking a Nap During Bon Iver's Set" Thread

    So who actually managed to take a nap during this set. Heard pretty much unanimous feed back that it was better than expected/awesome.

    Ironic considering there have been several complaints of...
  5. Re: The Official Radiohead Idioteque Glow Throw

    I will enjoy watching either them not play this song, or 5 people taking part of this plan and feeling extremely stupid right after it.
  6. Re: The Official "I'm Taking a Nap During Bon Iver's Set" Thread

    hmm no one will be napping once this set starts

    their live show is a LOT more energetic than the stuff...
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