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  1. Re: What early bands are you excited to see?

    Friday: The Neighbourhood, C2C
    Saturday: Mona
    Sunday: Adrian Lux, Deap Valley, Hanni El Khatib
  2. Re: Must-See Sets for Weekend 2 +explanations

    faces* instead of aces
    Outdoor* instead of outsor
  3. Re: Must-See Sets for Weekend 2 +explanations

    Watch Wolf Gang Friday at like 1. They sounded good, just sit on the side of the tent and enjoy, it's worth it.

    Givers was good too. I hate that stupid ago Up Up Up and think it's super annoying...
  4. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend one edition)

    Scratch that, The Fucking Hives were awesome too and hilarious.
  5. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend one edition)

    1. Dre and Snoop
    2. Kasabian
    3. The Rapture
    4. Manchester Orchestra
    5. Givers (surprisingly)

    I would say At The Drive In, but I didn't actually get to see much of the show even though I was in...
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    Re: The Shins Vs. Kasabian

    Kasabian all the way. I stayed for a song by The Shins and said fuck this, I just wanna dance. Kasabian brought it. If you want to be pumped up, Kasabian is the way to go. If you want to sit down and...
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    Re: Young People at Coachella

    I'm about to be 17 on Sunday and this year will be my third year going. They're definitely the best weekends out of my year. Besides not being able to get into the Beer Gardens for all the food...
  8. Re: What's Their Best Album? 2012 (CliffsNotes)

    Arctic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
    M83: Saturdays=Youth
    Laura Marling: I Speak Because I Can
    Florence: Lungs
    Beirut: The Rip Tide
    Miike Snow: Miike Snow*
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    Re: Dodgeball team?

    I'm excited for the matching uniforms. I hope people get creative with it. It'll be very interesting.
  10. Re: Noise curfew... did they have that last year?

    They definitely did not enforce a noise curfew since there was dub step playing until dawn every night at camping spots all around us. I'm fairly certain that it won't be enforced this year either...
  11. Re: Weekend 1 by myself. ADOPT ME! Be my friend!

    Come visit our tent. Last year, we baked cookies in our camp oven every morning. And cinnamon rolls, and goddamn pancakes. All are welcome. Follow the scent of freshly baked goods and bring the party.
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    Re: What song are you currently obsessed with?
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    Re: Tiniest crowds

    I saw Hurts last year in the Gobi at 1. 30-40 people? And I got there in the middle of their set, totally rocked though.
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    Re: PULP!!!!!!!

    Anyone else pissed that Black Keys got the headlining slot over these guys? Bastards.
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    Re: British People

    This thread is kind of fantastic. Almost all of your concerns have been answered but, I'll put in my two-sense anyways.

    Coachella doesn't really compare to Glasto, I would think. But I think...
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    Re: 2012 Rare Acts That Shouldn't Be Missed

    Rare act? They were there last year...they just got promoted to a larger font this year.
  17. Re: Bands you will not be seeing and are bummed out about

    I'm very disappointed that I won't be seeing Kele on Friday and most of Interpols set in lieu of seeing Cold War Kids. I've seen Interpol live but never at a festival and I was looking forward to...
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