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  1. Offering Carpool opportunity from OC and back

    I'm driving up from OC either late on Thurs. night or really early Fri. Depending on who I carpool with I may be swayed towards one or the other.
    I am coming from Mission Viejo, but am willing to...
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    Re: Filter pre-party on Thursday

    Uh, that does not sound good. My sister (youngest sis, her 2nd year at Coachella) and I are staying at the Motel in Indio. Any tips on dealing with crack hoes? ; ) I wanted to check out the...
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    Re: Filter pre-party on Thursday

    I just got an email from Filter mag with a link to RSVP, which I used, but haven't received anything from yet. Apparently I'm not in the select few who get free booze all night....
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    Orange County to Coachella

    Leaving Thurs. night and coming back super early Mon. morning (as in 3am).
    We have 2 spots left. I have a Toyota Corolla, so gas won't be astronomical, but decent contributions would be much...
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    Re: Marijuana?

    What about mushroom chocolates? I doubt they would check for those. I don't know if I'd want to do shrooms at Coachella, but my sister and I were thinking of it. Last year some random dudes we...
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    Re: Will-Call Debacle 2007

    My sister and I waited in line and missed all the acts that played before 6pm, so the free 3 day passes we received definitely helped alleviate our ire. Granted we drove from LA and didn't fly out...
  7. Re: 2 rooms in awesome Palms Springs house. Just blocks from the airport!

    My sis and I need a place to crash. Please let me know if there is still space.

    You can look us up on my myspace.


  8. Anyone looking for a ride from South Orange County (or possibly LA)

    My sister and I are going to be driving out to Indio either late Thurs. night (probably 1 or 2am) or very early Friday morning (5 or 6am). The gas mileage will vary depending on whose car we use,...
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