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  1. Re: Looking for a single GA wristband for weekend 1

    You thinking about getting the shuttle pass combo tomorrow?
  2. Looking for a single GA wristband for weekend 1

    Only one in my group who wasn't able to get presale. Let me know if you have an extra one you wouldn't mind getting rid of.
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    Re: Andrew Jackson Jihad 2014

    Surprised they haven't played Coachella before. Lot of fun energy in their live shows
  4. Looking for a ride from Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona to Coachella W1

    I'm at ASU and I need a ride going to and coming back from Indio. Leaving Thursday or Friday is cool and I will obviously help chip in money for gas. I'm meeting up with some friends in the camping...
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    Re: Looking for carpool to and from az

    I also need a ride to and from phoenix/tempe. I don't need to camp with you guys since I'm meeting people there, but I''ll pitch in for gas and everything.
  6. 2 Extra Tickets for Jeff Mangum LA on 4/23

    I have 2 Orchestra seats for Jeff's show at the Orpheum Theater on Monday. Tickets are face value so message me if you are interested
  7. Extra tickets to Jeff Mangum 2/23 at Orpheum

    I have 2 Orchestra seat tickets to Jeff's only LA show and I'm selling them for face value, hit me up if you're interested

    whoops, show is on April 23rd, not February 23rd
  8. Thread: JEFF MANGUM

    by resojelly


    Anybody want to go see Jeff play in LA on the 23rd? Someone in my party is no longer going and i have an extra ticket
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    Any extra weekend 1 passes?

    I'm pretty sure its going to be hard to find a pass on here but I'll try anyway.

    If anybody is in the Los Angeles area and has an extra pass they need to get rid of or don't need, please PM me....
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    Re: Need a place to stay for thursday night

    I appreciate the offer, but sadly i wont be getting my wristband until the friday afternoon so there's no way i can get to the camping area.
  11. Re: Are people going to "Register" their Wristband?

    If you bought from a 3rd party, will registering a wristband be able to tell you if it is legit or not?
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    Need a place to stay for thursday night

    I'm going to be arriving Thursday afternoon to Indio but my buddy who bought the camping space won't be able to arrive until Friday. If anybody has room for one person in a hotel please let me know.
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