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  1. Leave for LAX at midnight for flight at 6 AM, 2 seats left!

    All done!
  2. Offering one spot from LAX to Coachella Thurs around 3pm!

    My car's already full coming back from Coachella, but if someone is getting into LAX Thurs morning or early afternoon, I'm picking ppl up there around 3 pm--1 spot left if anyone needs one way ride! ...
  3. Re: Carpoolchella?! Round trip from LAX with camping spot offered

    Pretty much filled up now, wish I could help more :/. Have an AMAZING weekend! <3
  4. Re: CARPOOLCHELLA in exchange for a spot in camp

    Hey! My friend and I were planning to drive up Thurs and leave late Sunday night/early Monday morning, but I am super excited about the possibility of winning stuff with the Carpoolchella and we are...
  5. Re: Need a lift from Coachella to LAX Monday EARLY AM

    Hey! My friend has a 6 am flight Mon (4/21) morning to LAX. If you haven't found one yet, so far I think we have room for you! We are planning to leave sometime after the very end of the shows...
  6. Carpoolchella?! Round trip from LAX with camping spot offered

    Hey! Offering ride leaving from LAX area Thursday 4/17 hopefully somewhere around 3-5 pm, returning late Sunday 4/20 night or early Monday 4/21 morning for morning flight at LAX. Looking for some...
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