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    Re: Weekend 1 + Car Camping

    Hey! where are you located? interested but looking to meet in person to exchange
  2. Re: 2 weekend 1 GA passes w/ car camping - 650 OBO

    HEY - Where are you located? Im looking for 2 weekend1 GA passes and a camping to go along with it.... would be interested if its possible to meet up and exchange in person.
  3. Re: Selling Coachella Weekend 1 Pass + Shuttle Pass at Cost! $399

    would you be willing to trade for weekend 2 pass and shuttle? my plans changed so i need to switch weekends?!
  4. trade weekend 2 GA+shuttle for weekend 1 GA+shuttle

    Yet another weekend trade/swap needed.
    I have a weekend 2 GA + shuttle pass but need weekend 1 GA + shuttle... please help!
    located in the bay area, but will be in LA/OC too if passes are sent out...
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