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    Trade weekend 1 for weekend 2 GA

    Looking to trade my weekend 1 wristband for a weekend 2. No shuttle, just GA. Message me if you're interested. LA area would be ideal.
  2. Re: NEED 1 WEEKEND 1 ticket - will trade for 1 weekend 2 ticket

    I'm looking to trade my weekend 1 for weekend 2.
  3. Re: trading weekend 2 ticket for weekend 1 ticket

    I'm looking to trade my weekend 1 for a weekend 2.
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    Re: Coachella swap! weekend 2 for weekend 1

    I'm looking to swap my weekend 1 pass for weekend 2. No shuttle pass, just camping.
  5. Re: Petition for better late night music in the campgrounds

    Seriously, the "DJ" last year was a top shelf shit bird! I heard DMX more in those 4 nights than I have in the last decade. Stunningly terrible!

    The roller rink was fun and I would take that over...
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