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  1. Somebody get this girl a press pass AKA Coachella attendees are idiots or a-holes...

    There is a comment section for your feedback.
  2. Re: Fat Freddys Drop cancel Coachella appearance...

    Sorry team, my dyslexia messed up the date and my stupidity, well, you can't cure that.
  3. Fat Freddys Drop cancel Coachella appearance...

    This blows.

    Due to the band being an independent and funding their own tours, the $60 thousand needed to get the FFD over to California to play was an amount too large for the band to sustain.
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    Re: Why all the hatred for kings of leon?

    Because Pitchfork stopped putting them on the cover!!!
  5. Neko Case just confirmed she's performing with The New Pornographers...

    I didn't see this touted anywhere so I tweeted at Neko and she confirmed.!/MikeShubbuck/status/55325146185072640!/NekoCase/status/55324810481381376
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