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  1. Re: What time did you arrive and what lot did you get?

    6.30pm Thursday and got in the middle of 7 at 10.30pm
  2. Re: Canadian Coachellers! Did you receive your wristbands??

    I live in Vancouver and purchased directly off Coachella. Got mine today. Took frigging ages considering on the tracking slip they were sent out on the 22nd March.
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    Re: Which lots fill up first?

    So to get to the car camping entrance line you have to turn into Jefferson from the 10 freeway and follow it all the way down? that's the best way?
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    Re: Shuttle Pass Trade Thread

    I have a Palm Desert Shuttle line Weekend 1 to sell or trade for a few beers if we meet in the festival. PM with offers. Thanks
  5. Re: Will transport you in/out of fest and any parties!!!! Cheap prices!

    How many seats do you have?
  6. Re: Selling two Coachella weekend 2 April $600 pair.

    Yeah cool let me know, thanks.
  7. Re: Selling two Coachella weekend 2 April $600 pair.


    Pushing them down to $500 for the pair
  8. Selling two Coachella weekend 2 April $600 pair.


    2x weekend 2 passes. $500 for the pair + $10 postage. I'm in Vancouver, Canada and can FedEx them to you where ever you are. Will take paypal but depending on where you live we might be able...
  9. Re: Tickets are cutting it really close this year! WTF!

    In Vancouver and got my passes yesterday and today for weekend 1.
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    Re: Parov Stelar Band

    As per Parov Stelar's FB page it will be the band! They're also playing in San Fran, San Diego and Tuscon
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    Re: Local travel to festival

    We are in a similar situation, does anyone know of any private shuttle providers?
  12. Re: buying Car Camping Passes separate to my GA pass

    Yeah what guedita said.

    I'm selling my camping pass by doing a trade with someone else for their wristband and cash. To get in camping you need to have the wristband linked on the same order as...
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    Re: What t-shirt design would you do?

    One's I've seen in the past are "A weekend wasted isn't a wasted weekend" and a couple of years back at Reading Festival on a dude passed out on an inflatable chair right by the main pathway "I'm as...
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    Re: To camp or hotel...

    Going to be my first Coachella. We have apartments a short shuttle drive away but are also setting up a camping site as a base camp at the festival. Hopefully get the best of both worlds.
  15. Re: Best place to buy camp gear in Palm Springs/ Coachella area?

    Great thanks for the info! One of us does have a Costco membership so that helps out. I think the best bet is to pre-order some stuff off Walmart though.

    celnic2 - Just sent you a PM.
  16. Best place to buy camp gear in Palm Springs/ Coachella area?

    Hey Peoples

    Need some advice please - We are flying into Palm Springs, renting a car and camping at Coachella. We're not from the US so don't know the names of the stores to check out to buy...
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    Re: Parov Stelar Band

    I am so fricking excited to see these guys. Loved their work for a couple of years now. Told my sister she had to see them in London and she said was one of the best live acts she has ever seen. ...
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    Re: Question about Worldmark Indio

    I called the resort a couple of weeks ago and they said they were doing shuttles. They will have transport running back and forth all day apparently
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    Re: WorldMark Indio Resort

    I called the worldmark yesterday and they said they they get in a contractor company in to do shuttle runs all day for guests you just pay them direct per trip. Can anyone else who has stayed at...
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