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  1. Re: Who is sneaking alcohol into the coachella campground

    It's hit or miss, sometimes they'll search everywhere and sometimes you get lucky. I've known people to successfully get away with things with methods that were totally not that discreet, but the...
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    Re: Sneaking in Alcohol

    wow this is amazing, I never considered this method. hmmm
  3. Leaving LA Thurs afternoon/evening, got 3 spots. any takers?

    I was going to drive a couple people who needed a ride but they're going with our other friend because they're leaving earlier and I can't go until I get my wristband in the mail tomorrow so now I'm...
  4. Re: 2 Aussie guys wanting a lift from Los Angeles, week 1

    Got 3 seats, leaving lax Thursday. If you still need a ride let me know :)
  5. Re: need a ride from anywhere in California and need a camping spot (weekend 1)

    I have a room in Palm Springs, and am driving from lax area on Thursday have plenty of room in my car. My friend bailed. He's got a gf now and is too busy with that whole thing lol. Hit me up if you...
  6. I live in LA, got room for 4 more, leaving whenever Thurs

    That sums it up really, my friend bailed oN coachella entirely so I now have room for 4 more people, driving up Thursday, don't know when (flexible about the time), if anyone wants to come with me...
  7. My friend bailed bc he got a girlfriend and thinks she'll get jealous (hotel room)

    So I'm stuck staying in Palm Springs by myself now because he's afraid of making her mad (she's not really down with his best friend having a vagina....) And that sounds pretty boring staying alone...
  8. Re: Anyone heading out from LA on Fri afternoon??

    If you havent found a ride and are down to leave in the morning let me know, I'm leaving from the Westside area tmw but it'll be pretty early in the day...
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    Lax to coachella, I can fit 3

    I live near LAX and am driving to Coachella earlyish Friday morning, I have room for 3 people, if anyone needs a lift lmk
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