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  1. Re: Selling 2 Unregistered GA Passes $325 each or $600 together

    Hi Im interested :), Ill call you
  2. Re: 2 weekend 2 GA passes For Sale. Pittsburgh, Grand Rapids, Chicago, San Diego are

    Hi! Im interested in buying them! I live in twentynine palms! can we meet in indio?
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    Re: Selling Weekend 2 Pass

    Hi! Are you selling your ticket with the car camping pass?
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    Hi! does the ticket you're selling includes the car camping pass?
  5. Re: Weekend 2 pass + car camping *cost price*

    Hi there! Im totally interested, tell me where are you located so we can do the trade :)
  6. Re: SELLING Weekend 2 Ticket at Face Value $350

    Hi! Im interested in buying just one ticket + car camping. what do you say?
  7. Re: Selling: 2 x Wknd2 passes + attached Car Camping pass

    Hi. I'm interested in buying just one ticket + car camping!
  8. Re: Looking for Weekend 2 ticket & car camping!

    Hey are you still selling them? Im interested in buying
    one ticket + car camping!
  9. Buying a 2nd weekend GA + car camping pass!

    I want to buy a 2nd weekend GA ticket + car camping! I really need it. Let me know if you're selling one by answering this post. Merci beaucoup! :)
  10. Re: Selling (4) Weekend 2 GA + Car Camping Face

    Hi! sell me your car camping pass! Please :)
  11. Re: Quien va a ir desde MEXICO a COACHELLA!!!!

    Tengo boleto para el weekend2. Iré desde Mexicali! de dónde vienen ustedes?. Ando buscando car camping!
  12. Re: *** Weekend 2 Car Camping Pass for sale/trade ***

    Still available? I want to trade !
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    Re: mutiple car-camping sites / 1 car?

    Sell me your car camping pass :D
  14. Buying car camping pass/companion pass for 2nd weekend

    Hi, I want to trade MY 2nd weekend GA ticket for a 2nd wknd GA ticket + car camping pass/companion pass. I'm willing to pay what is necessary. I need a place to leave my car :c
  15. Re: Selling a Car Camping pass for Weekend 2

    Hey, Im interested. You're still selling the car camping pass?
  16. Re: For Sale!!! Car Camping Pass 2nd Weekend!

    Im interested, how much are you asking for it?
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