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    Re: 420 at Coachella

    We were smoking blunts in Sahara last year around 3pm in afternoon, all sorts of security and 5-0 around and not a single shit was given. interestingly, I tried to pass all kind of joints and blunts...
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    Re: Car Camping Party Weekend 2!

    I don't have a spot, been trying to look for a chill place during the day, am 99% sure I'll be staying with my friend and his GF in the night (even though I'd prefer to camp straight through the...
  3. Re: Weekend two car camping, anyone have extra room?

    These are my problems too though; needing the camping spot but having funds, food, and beer to pitch in. Maybe combine mikef1 or roxym89's car with SeoulBraddah's spot? Let me know guys and maybe we...
  4. Re: Weekend two car camping, anyone have extra room?

    Wait, no flames even in car camping? I guess I never considered that GPS stands for stove. Shit. And pan cooked meat isn't nearly as good. Have to rethink best food if this the case
  5. Weekend two car camping, anyone have extra room?

    I was going to try and get my own car camping pass, but single wristbands going for below face some spots, think I'd rather just get one of those. Plus I intend on sleeping at this place my friends...
  6. I might need some cool folks w/ car to share potential car camping spot; Weekend 2

    So heres the deal; driving down to fest with best friend and his chick, but his GF does not like camping because its too dirty or something. I, on the other hand, love to get filthy every once and a...
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