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  1. Re: Something has to change with the cigarette smokers

    It's about etiquette. Some people don't want to breathe that shit in. Just ask em if they can blow their smoke upwards. Some folks can tolerate that shit health wise or some people get drug tested...
  2. Please Help Me Find Lodging Weekend 2 or my Girlfriend Will Kill Me

    So, waited till now to find lodging (Haha). Girlfriend mad (whoops).
    Help? Weekend 2. Two of us. 26 and 30.
    Laidback kickback people just looking for a place to crash, recuperate and head out...
  3. Carpool from the Central Valley of California

    My girl and I are looking for good people to carpool with. We live in Fresno and are going on Weekend 2. So if you live in Fresno County area or Tulare County reply or message if interested.
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