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  1. Looking for two (2) WEEKEND 2 GA passes!

    Need to buy two Coachella Weekend 2 GA passes. Email me to sell. Thanks! Carolyn
  2. Re: 4 x Zone 1 Shuttle Passes for SALE weekend 1

    I"ll give you $100 for all of them
  3. Wknd 1: 4 Tennis Garden shuttle passes for sale

    I have four (4) shuttle passes for Weekend 1 (April 13-15) on the Tennis Garden (park and ride) line. Also know as Blue line or Zone 1.

    I'm located in Brentwood which is in West Los Angeles. $50...
  4. Will pay face value for WKND 1 La Quinta Shuttle Passes (Zone 1)

    I need about 14 for my group. Email me at
  5. 6 Weekend 1 Shuttle (Tennis Garden) Passes!

    Selling 6 shuttle passes for Weekend 1. Tennis Garden aka Zone 6 aka blue line. $40 each. Or trade for La Quinta line, Zone 1. Email
  6. NEED 6 WK 1 Shuttle to Zone 1 (La Quinta)! Buy or trade with Zone 6 (Tennis Garden)

    Our group booked our accommodations late and need 6 passes to the La Quinta line (Zone 1). We also have Week 1 shuttle passes to Tennis Garden Shuttle Line (Zone 6) to swap.
    Email me...
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