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  1. Is there a way to verify pass?

    I''m buying a ticket of a friend of a friend and would like to know if before making the transaction if i can verify it online or something. Also do you have to change the name on the wrist band/...
  2. Re: NEED 1 x WEEKEND 2 GA pass and camping pass! Will accept either one or both!

    I found out that you need you camping pass to be linked to your wrist band so I'm going to try and find someone selling both. Or else I my friends and I will have no where to live. Thank you though!
  3. Re: Looking to sell my Coachella ticket & car camping pass!

    I am not in the houston area but will pay for it and for shipping! I can pay a bit more as well so you can buy something for your bubba! please let me know if it is still available! and that it is...
  4. is it possible to buy just a car camping pass for coachella?

    I need a ticket and a car camping pass but can only seem to buy them separately. Is it a scam if someone is selling just a car camping pass?
  5. NEED 1 x WEEKEND 2 GA pass and camping pass! Will accept either one or both!

    Please coachella gods bring this together!

    Email me please i need a miracle right now!
  6. Re: Car Camping Pass for Ride or Trade::SECOND WEEKEND

    I live in La so i can give you a lift from there or i would like to buy your car camping pass off you! my email address is thank you

    I am one lucky lady scoring two coachella tickets but now have no where to stay. If anyone has a spare car camping pass or can no longer go please let me buy it from you! Thank you! I'm hoping it all...
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