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  1. Space available Weekend 1 & 2 at Worldmark Indio. Only $250/pp for 4 nights.

    WEEKEND 1 & 2: 3bd at Worldmark in Indio w Private room/s available 5 Miles from the festival. We have 4-6 spaces available for weekend 1. We have 2 spaces available weekend 2. Price is $250/weekend...
  2. Re: WHY do you attend (and keep attending Coachella)

    "Buy the ticket, take the ride."
    Hunter S. Thompson
  3. Trading tiks is hard. Where is the love?

    Was tryin to trade a Sunday tik for a Friday tik cause of schedule/work change blah blah blah....

    Well. It didn't work out... broke down and bought a Friday tik so I have no drama.

    Now... I...
  4. **HELP...Need to trade a Sunday tik for a Friday tik**

    I am lookin to trade a sunday tik for a friday tik. If anyone can help out please get back to me. I live in the L.A. area and can meet almost anywhere. My ticket is a hard ticket.
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    Trade Sunday tik for Friday tik

    Hey everyone.... lookin to trade a sunday ticket for a friday ticket.
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    Anyone staying at Indian Wells Resort???

    Just was seeing if anyone was staying here or had stayed here in the past?
    A few friends of mine and I booked the presidential suite here and was seeing if anyone knows how the hotel is or this...
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