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    Re: Worst Perfomance?

    It's a bummer to hear that there were so many sound issues with so many artists. I'm going weekend 2; I hope GV (or whomever) figures something out by then. I realize there are a lot of variables...
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    Re: Use of Credit Cards

    If anyone could give a definite answer as to whether any food vendors (e.g., food trucks, Cantina, etc) are taking credit cards this year, that would be awesome.

    I'll plan on spending cash only,...
  3. Anyone camping Friday to Sunday (W2)? I need camp mates/neighbors

    Hey Coachellans!

    I arrive Friday morning and leave Sunday night, Weekend 2. I am a 29-year-old gal from Seattle camping solo. If you are chill/mellow, like good music, close to my demographic,...
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    Re: Seattle People?

    car camping, weekend 2, tame impala
  5. Re: How much time do you actually spend at the campsite?

    Hey all, thanks a bunch for the advice. I will come with the canopy, tent, cooler, ice, water, beers and food:)

    I appreciate how supportive Coachellans seem to be. Makes me that much more excited...
  6. How much time do you actually spend at the campsite?

    This is my first Coachella and I'm car camping. I probably won't get to Coachella until Friday morning. Can I get by without bringing a cooler, a stove, and food (other than snacks)? I imagine I'll...
  7. Seeking passengers/camping buddies - weekend 2

    I’m a 29/F from Seattle. I arrive at LAX on Friday morning at 12:30AM (so, Thursday night). Have a car camping pass; renting a car at LAX. Leaving Coachella before 10pm on Sunday. I have room for 1-3...
  8. Re: Wkend 2: Need ride for two roundtrip LAX/Coachella Thurs evening return Sun anyti

    Hi Tacoma,

    Did you find a ride? I can possibly drive you. I'm a 29-year-old woman, and also fun, social, and normal. The only catch is I'll have to leave Coachella early-ish on Sunday, i.e.,...
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