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  1. Why is there a curtain covering back of Sahara this year?

    So I didn't attend the festival just this past weekend for Wknd 1 (Going for Wknd 2 though), but I was in town anyways for work purposes. I saw pictures and heard various stories from attendees...
  2. Re: Which Artist (That Has Never Played) Would You Like To See At Coachella?

    hmmm.... Kygo
  3. Thread: MARTIN GARRIX

    by AwClark


    I saw Martin's set weekend 2... it was fun in the beginning. Crowd around me was into it and all high energy, no doucheyness, which was nice. Light/laser show was fun to watch. I wanted to see him...
  4. Re: Your top five acts of Coachella 2014 (Weekend One Edition)

    Weekend 2

    1. Bonobo
    2. Adventure Club
    3. Outkast
    4. Lana Del Rey
    5. Chvrches

    Honerable mentions: Fatboy Slim, Duke Dumont, Little Dragon, Banks, Empire of the Sun, MS MR, and Arcade Fire.
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    Re: Funny things you saw/overheard

    They went to be seen and show off to their followers and friends on Instagram and Facebook how much more awesome and "musically cultured" they are than them by having the means to attend a popular...
  6. Re: Question about festival merch and open food containers...

    Thanks for your responses guys :)
  7. Question about festival merch and open food containers...

    2 questions.

    1) I've been to Coachella many times before, but never for weekend 2, do they restock the merchandise for weekend 2 crowds, or are only the scraps from weekend 1 left?

    2) Are open...
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    Re: The Do lab 2014.

    Ya at first I was sad that it moved to a corner because it was my favorite pit stop between stages/sets, but now I'm starting to love the move. I think being up on the terrace next to Yuma is...
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    Re: Worst Conflicts?

    Conflicts for me this year are pretty manageable. Nothing that I'm seriously sweating over...

    Banks & CHVRCHES
    Lorde & Fatboy Slim
    Beck & Adventure Club
  10. Re: Now That You've Done Some Research, You're Top 5 Must Sees Each Day of 2014

    1) Outkast
    2) Gareth Emery
    3) Ellie Goulding
    4) Duke Dumont
    5) Aloe Blacc

    2) Fatboy Slim
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    Re: Above & Beyond @ Coachella 13?

    This. I used to be a fan a few years ago, but their Group Therapy shit is so played out now. Insomniac has done too many shows with them. TATW 350 @ Palladium Dec'10, Album release @ Palladium...
  12. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend one edition)

    Most of the sets minus the headliners are around 50 mins and so I saw 45 mins of Radiohead first and was loving every second of it, then my friends and I sprinted over to Kaskade and caught the last...
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    Re: How was Beats Antique?

    Outstanding set and DEF one of the highlights of Sunday/the entire weekend. Had no idea what to expect as I really didn't know too much about them, but 2 of my 3 friends I was with said they were "a...
  14. Re: that was hands down theworst display of EDM ever.....

    I had a blast during the 2nd 1/2 of Kaskade. I haven't seen a set of his in a long time so it was nice catching him again. Everyone of my friends has been telling me that David Guetta was...
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    Re: Who is going to be this years trainwreck?

    In terms of what my friends have been telling me, it's David Guetta.... I think it surprises me more though that my friends would actually suffer through that garbage though.
  16. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend one edition)

    In order...

    1. Dre & Snoop (by a million miles)
    2. Flying Lotus
    3. Radiohead
    4. M83
    5. Kaskade (Shutup. I had a blast so whatever)

    Honorable mentions: Beats Antique, Bon Iver, DJ Shadow,...
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    Re: Sahara 2012 Wishlist Thread

    Markus Schulz
    Sasha AND John Digweed
    Eric Prydz
    John 00 Fleming (j00f)
    Loco Dice
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