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    Re: Weekend 2 passes shipped???

    Ups and Usps have a deal, UPS does the big part of the shipping when Usps will bring it to your house mostly because no one can handle amazon
  2. Re: *** OFFICIAL *** Front Gate Tickets SUCKS Thread, 2016 Presale Edition

    I woke up late got on the computer at 2pm pst went right through got a week2 ticket with car camping 10 mins later pre sale was over
  3. Re: Need group of 4 girls for pool home, close to venue, weekend 1, CHEAP!!!!

    I wounder how many pool/room/bathroom/show cams they might have
  4. Re: Lake Cahuilla - Off Site Camping 2015

    Only bad thing we had there was the shooting range at 8 am everyday they where shooting their guns
  5. 2ND Week have a car camping willing to share coming from Colorado

    Hello this will be my fourth year going . I have a car camping spot that Im willing to share. As of right now im planning on driving from Colorado down through Vegas to Coachella I can either pick...
  6. Re: Lake Cahuilla Camping. On-site car camping alterniative

    This sounds like fun after finding out I was bailed on by the person I was going with , with the camping spot inside.I picked a spot up Thursday afternoon four days for weekend 2.... only 3 more...
  7. found a place couldnt find the delete

    found a place couldnt find the delete
  8. Re: car camping to share for car share

    Hello im a 32 male coming from Colorado my friend bailed on me and they had the camp site. I Can pick you up in either place throw your stuff in my car and have a good coachella
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    Re: Motörhead!!!!

    YES like every year around Coachella, He dies for three days and comes back again LEMMY IS GOD!!!! he'll be doing it again this year for 2nd week
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    Poll: Re: Totem Poll

    I really dont see the problem with totems, Most of the time there is two giant tv screens next to the stages because every cant fit upfront, and if youre at a DJ set are you really trying to sit...
  11. Re: 2014 First Time at Coachella Guide, Tips and Tricks

    I bought a few last year way better then the blue ones I see...
  12. Re: Saturday is the Single Worst Day in Coachella History

    Can you stop comparing Coachellas with each other it doesn't work well. look at your list then go look at the bands that played before 06 im pretty sure only oakenfold is the only "old school" one...
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    Re: Lorde: It's finally going to happen!

    He doesn't like motorhead?
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    Re: Your Opinions on the 2014 Lineup

    I dont mind it they put a few punk bands like gabba gabba heys they are a ramones cover band
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    I liked tent camping . every moring a few girls by my site took their tops off and spryed sunscreen all over them, great time , *****OUR BATHROOMS WHERE ALWAYS CLEAN AND NOT OVER FLOWING******...
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