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    Re: Top Five Sets of 2015 (Weekend One Edition)

    1. Ratatat
    2. Gorgon City
    3. Glass Animals
    4. Tale of Us
    5. JES+S

    by casrol


    Has anyone else here not been too impressed by Kendrick live? I absolutely love him and he is at the top of the game right now with his albums, but in the 3 times I've seen him (once at Coachella in...
  3. Looking for a ride for 1 from SF to Coachella on Wed Evening/Thurs Morn

    Anyone have one more spot in their car departing from SF to Coachella? I would need to either leave Wednesday night after work, or early Thursday evening in order to get to the campgrounds by 1 PM...
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    Re: Weekend 2 - SF Bay Area Carpool


    I need a ride going down! (And up, if that is what you require, but i would prefer not). I can meet you wherever is most convenient for you. I live in the city - is that where you are...
  5. Need 1 Car Camping Pass Weekend 2 (+ corresponding ticket)


    I am looking to buy 1 car camping pass for weekend 2, and any corresponding tickets. Willing to pay $650 for 1 ticket + car camp pass, or 1100 for 2 tickets + car camp pass. Prefer the 1...
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    Re: Worst Conflicts?

    Shlohmo vs.Broken Bells vs. Bonobo vs. Glitch Mob vs. Nicolas Jaar.

    Glitch Mob and Shlohmo will be playing in SF at other dates (where I live) so I can see them there, so between Broken Bells,...
  7. Thread: Nicky Romero

    by casrol

    Re: Nicky Romero

    ^this. As someone else said, a big-room house producer that got increasingly popular in the last 6 months or so in the EDM scene
  8. Thread: Tent Stakes...

    by casrol

    Re: Tent Stakes...

    Just purchased an EZ-up....what are the best practices in making sure it doesn't get blown away / fucked besides just making sure it is well-staked? Do people take off the tarp on the top when they...
  9. Re: Can you show up late thursday night and walk in??

    Does anyone know if you get patted down when you walk in? For example, if you have friends who park in companion car parking, will they be searched when they walk over to the car camping areas? (I...
  10. Places to park car near Coachella overnight / weekend?

    Friends are driving another car down and will be joining us in our camp spot, but need to park the car somewhere overnight / preferably whole weekend because they don't have a car camp pass. Anyone...
  11. Re: The votes are in. The most anicipated bands by boardies are...

    AWESOME. I was thinking the same idea and I'm glad someone took the initiative.
  12. Weekend 1 - Anyone have extra camping pass and would like more room but no car?

    We have a van that needs to be parked somewhere during Coachella - my friends driving the car down will be staying on our camp site. If someone in your group or you yourself has an extra car camping...
  13. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend one edition)

    1. Dre, Snoop, Warren G, Wiz, Kendrick, 50, Tupac, Eminem
    2. Radiohead
    3. Dada Life
    4. Swedish House Mafia
    5. Explosions in the Sky or Kasabian
  14. Time it takes to walk/run between all the different stages?

    As we are all studying and planning the set times right now........... for those that have been to Coachella, how long does it take to walk/run from each stage to the next? This would be instrumental...
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