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    Need two weekend two passes NOW!

    We are already here at the festival trying to find two extra GA tickets for this weekend! Cash in hand! Wanting ASAP so our friends can join us!
  2. Carpoolchella? 3 (2 girls, one guy) looking for a ride Thursday 11pm

    We have a camping spot that our friend will have for us, but we are in need of a ride to the festival to prevent having to rent a car. Willing to trade gas money or possibly camp space. Hit me up at...
  3. Re: Willing to pay 150 and drive you from OC or LA in exchange for camp spot for 2!

    Hey Emily. Have you guys already figured it all out? We have a car camping pass and no car to park on it!
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    Wknd 2 car camping pass with no car!

    Hey all! We are a group of for Midwesterners from Kansas who bought a car camping pass without the realization that none of us drove out. I am looking for someone willing to be out in Indio for the...
  5. Anyone w/ a car interested in camping?

    We have a car camping pass but no car. We are a group of 4 Midwesterners from Kansas. Easy going and chill. I'm the only one in LA already and was wanting to be in line at 9 am tomorrow when the...
  6. Needing a car to use for camping/ride from la weekend 2


    My name is Taylor Stevenson. I am with a group of three others (4 total, 2 guys, 2 girls) all around 24 and from Kansas. We bought a car camping pass not realizing none of us decided to...
  7. Re: Will drive you from LA to festival in exchange for camping!

    Hey man we are a group of four Midwesterners looking for a car to use at our car camping spot since we all flew out. Let me know if we can work something out
  8. Re: 25 M, have tent and car. Need place to stay

    Hey man. We are a group of four easy going midwesterns with our own car camping spot but no car to park. Message me if you think we could make something work
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