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  1. Re: Who is driving/flying out from the east coast?

    Washington D.C.
    Flying to LAX from Dulles Thursday morning
    Sale price $320 round trip
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    Re: Alguien de Mexico?

    Qiubo, nosotros somos del DF pero viajamos desde Washington DC llegamos a LAX el jueves a 1/2 dia y pensamos rentar un auto para llegar a Indio, lo que nos falta es donde acampoar si alguien ya tiene...
  3. Re: Carpools: Can you give someone a ride to Coachella? Are you looking for a ride?

    We are looking for a ride leaving from LAX on Thursday at midday, returning to LAX from coachella after midnight to catch a 7 am flight

    Please Help!
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    Re: Tent only spot available


    we are a Nice cool, friendly and respectful couple looking for a camping space to share, we are traveling from DC, but no intentions to park on your spot.

    we could share home made cookies, ...
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