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  1. Re: Wristband package arrived missing one wristband, WTF?

    Sorry to hear this happened to you :(
    The emails didnt work for me, I never received a response. I called Band Merch at 818-882-3816.
    I believe coachella posted the Will Call info at their...
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    Re: Items appropriate for coachella

    seriously do you have to ask to be accepted? just wear what you want, fuck other peoples opinon! btw, im positive there will be plenty of kandi at the festival.
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    Re: Any must see groups/bands

    Wow the "general music style of Coachella".... Really!?!?!?!
    There is no general style of music at coachella as "aaronbk" pointed out. The whole point of going is to hear music from all genres, and...
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    Re: How are you preparing for Coachella '11?

    exemef has the right idea, practice not sleeping for 3 days LMAO!
  5. Re: Wristband package arrived missing one wristband, WTF?

    Thanks for the support guys... still no second wristband or email back from Coachella or BandMerch. I didn't get the shuttle pass, but I had some friends forward me the email which contained alot of...
  6. Wristband package arrived missing one wristband, WTF?

    I purchased two festival passes on the same day within the same transaction(no shuttle pass included). When my package arrived Tuesday there was only one wristband enclosed. Did this happend to...
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