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  1. i have party supplies but no one to share it with!!

    I'm at coachella with no place to stay.. i turned 25 last weekend and made a sponyaneous trip out here and my boy with car camping bailed on me. Any one willing to help me out south be awesome!!! I'm...
  2. Re: ride bailed. need a ride from LAX to coachella anytime on Friday. I can pitch for

    Yeah I'm in La too..if anyone Is leaving in the next hour.. and wouldbt mind having.a cool dude from nyc pooling.with you let me know. thanks
  3. Re: anyone driving to la sunday night or early mon morning?

    what time are you leaving on sunday doug? I have a 10:30 pm flight.. looking to go back to LAX sun night
  4. Im arriving at LAX Thursday at midnight My friend just bailed!!

    My birthday was last weekend and I'm still celebrating so I literally just bought my ticket for coachella!! I'm flying in straight from work (NYC) and am looking for a way to get to the...
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