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    I have 2 weekend 1 and a car camping pass and i need the same but for weekend 2. Im near Lax - let me know if your still interested
  2. Re: TRADE Weekend 2 Passes for Weekend 1 Passes (2 GA Tix)

    I have weekend one but i need weekend 2, still interested? Im near LAX
  3. Re: Trade: 2x GA Weekend 1+ Car Camping for Weekend 2*_*_*

    Bump* still need weekend 2 ga tickets
  4. Re: TRADE: 2 GA Weekend 1 passes for 2 GA Weekend 1 or 2 passes with car camping

    I'm looking for someone who has 2x W2+Car camping willing to make an even trade?

    I have 2 weekend 1 tickets and a car camping pass, would you be willing to trade?
  6. Trade: 2x GA Weekend 1+ Car Camping for Weekend 2*_*_*

    Hey Guys!

    Looking for someone whos willing to make an even trade - I have 2xGA W1 tickets plus a car camping pass for 2xW2+Car camping. Unfortunately, since work is asking me to travel, I cant...
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    W2 GA Pass at Face Value

    Have one weekend 2 GA unregistered ticket left, let me know if interested. LAX area: or text me 310.661.0776
  8. Re: 2 GA Weekend 2 + Car Camping : Face Value

    Car camping and Ga ticket has been sold. One GA ticket left.
  9. 1 GA Weekend 2 Face Value

    Selling my Set of 2 weekend 2 tickets plus the car camping at face Value; im in the LAX area. I have been going for 5 years but unfortunately cant go this year due to a new addition in the family.
  10. Re: Selling 2 Weekend 1 Passes with Car Camping Pass

    I'm interested in the whole bundle... Lmk 310 661 0776 mandoe1310@gmail
  11. Re: Selling 2 Weekend 1 Passes with Car Camping Pass

    Pm sent
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    Re: What guests will Pharrell bring?

    Snoop is gonna be the surprise guest with pharrell watch...he has a tour in the west coast in April... but skips his hometown IN April???? Hmmm I dont know snoop...i dont know...
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    Re: Predictions for Surprises?

    Snoop is gonna be the surprise guest with pharrell watch...he has a tour in the west coat but skips his hometown in April???? Hmmm Idkk....
  14. Re: 2 x WEEKEND 1 General Admission with Car Camping FOR SALE

    Sent you PM
  15. Re: LOOKING TO BUY Weekend 1 passes

    Need 3 more tickets and a car camping pass :/
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    Re: Pharell feat. Daft Punk

    Lmfaoo I meant to attract fans and hopefulls, instead a bunch of asshole and douchebags show up... Like blankity said...oh well. Cheers and happy forum-ing. :)
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    Re: Pharell feat. Daft Punk

    Check it Kazaam, if the threaD says pharell feat. DP it's obviously directed toward the fans who wants to see them. Again. If this is something that your not interested in or isn't directed to you...
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    Re: Pharell feat. Daft Punk

    Well mou5heads are mou5heads.. Guy doesn't have big ass ears to block peoples view
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    Re: Pharell feat. Daft Punk

    1. Lmao who uses Shaq as their avatar?
    2. Title of threat says it all.. Maybe you should fuck off if it doesn't pertain to you.
    3. Who uses Shaq as their avatar... I still don't get it.
  20. Re: How To Avoid Getting Scammed, Buying And Selling Passes

    Golden voice will deactivate the original wristbands and make the original buyer get new wristbands at will call.. Like previously mentioned... All they need is the original buyers card number.. And...
  21. Re: TWO W1 with Car camping and TWO W2 with Car camping for sale face value

    If all fails, I'll take the weekend 1 bundle off your hands :) lmk I live minutes from LAX
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    Pharell feat. Daft Punk

    Im really considering taking my Guy Manuel helmet to coachella for night fun and what not.. Any recommendations? Will they even allow me to bring it into the festival grounds??
  23. Re: LOOKING TO BUY Weekend 1 passes

  24. Re: 4 Coachella General Admission Tickets for Sale $225 a piece

    I wonder if he texted him...................
  25. Re: Weekend 1 ticket and car camping pass for sale

    Dammit! i was looking for 2011 tickets!!
  26. Re: (2) Weekend 1 GA Passes + Car Camping Available

    hes right... ill give you..lets say 350 for each ticket and 85 for the car camping pass?
    let me know :)
  27. Re: Facevalue! Weekend one- two ga plus camping


    dumb. im going to keep bumping this until 2015 :)
  28. Re: 2 weekend 1 tickets and car camping pass $750

    I'll buy the bundle and give you a little extra for the trouble :)
  29. Re: LOOKING TO BUY Weekend 1 passes

    Bump :(
  30. Re: 1 Weekend One GA pass - face value

    I'm interested... :)
  31. Re: LOOKING TO BUY Weekend 1 passes

    Im bumping my own thread being that i still cant find tickets.. ebay is outbidding me and stubhub is slowwwlly dropping.. anyone out there willing to sell their weekend 1 tickets?
    I still need 4...
  32. LOOKING TO BUY Weekend 1 passes

    I need a min of 4 tickets to weekend one and 1 car camping pass..
    I can be emailed at or PM for my number
  33. Re: SELLING 2GA tix for weekend 1 + car camping FACE VALUE ONLY

    Im interested im the whole bundle... your inbox is full.. i can be reached at
  34. SOUTH BAY** LOOKING FOR 2 Weekend 1 ONLY tickets **

    Were near LAX and need two WEEKEND ONE GA tickets... can anyone help us without selling our souls on Ebay ? Lol
  35. Re: Friends Bailed Last Minute... I'm still going... Looking for Coachella friends

    Hi guys, my gf and i will be arriving thursday night
    Since we would be the only ones at the car camping spot
    Im sure we can fit another tent in there somewhere.
    Email me if interested :))))...
  36. Weekend 2; Merced-> LAX -> Coachella and back :D

    The gf and i have space for 2 more coachelians, and we have an extra ticket.up for sale x)
    We're leaving from Merced early after noon to get to Coachella that night
    Well be passing through LA and...
  37. Re: Weekend 2: NEED a ride to Coachella from LAX

    I can possibly help one or the other!?
    I live in Hawthorne, (5min from LAX) but im leaving Thursday night!
    Email me
  38. UC Merced -----------> Coachella and back :):):):)

    2nd weekend; Leaving thursday afternoon to arrive that same night and coming back Sunday/Monday after the last show The boyfriend is driving from UC Merced to Coachella, donations are required! Super...
  39. Re: Looking to share my campsite in exchange for a 2nd week carpool from the Bay Area

    Hey there,

    If your still looking for a carpool perhaps i can help
    My cousin and i are heading from LAX and back the
    Thursday of :)
    You can check out my fb if your interested ...
  40. Weekend 2; LAX to Coachella and back :D

    Two super cool guys; 21 and
    20 college guys from UCLA will be leaving thursday from LAX already
    have a car camping pass and the booze x)

    Offering two seats to those who contribute :)
    All we...
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    Re: LAX to Coachella 2nd Weekend

    Hey there, im leaving to coachella Thursday night
    Its me plus my cousin we have a car camping pass
    Tell me about yourself
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