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  1. Re: 2 Unregistered GA weekend 2 passes for sale.. make a offer


    To be honest I got shamed for a weekend 1 ticket and can't work with anything but a steal. If you don't find a buyer I would be willing to give you $100 for it on Saturday. I don't mean...
  2. Re: Seeking a Campsite to Join in on Thursday Apr.12

    I'm doing the same as Wamble, let me know if you come up on a spot. I'm chill, respectful, and will be there to party. PM me if that sounds like your style. I'm will try to be there early but camp...
  3. Re: WEEKEND 1 Car Camping DANCE PARTIES!!

    I'm down for party after the after-party, please let me know if you can get the tunes out there and I can recruit partiers. PM me or look me up on Facebook, search
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    Re: carpooling from NM`-weekend one

    What up fellow New Mexicans (& Feenix folks), glad to hear you are making it out. I will be car camping from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning. I have plenty of space if anyone would like to do...
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    Re: Silver City NM???

    Western NM University! Rep man, my brother went there. Do you know the Myer's from Mule Creek? Any who, its a small world. If you make it hit me up, I'm car camping for the first weekend. Happy...
  6. Space available on car camping spot for weekend 1

    My friends squeezed out on me in the last second and I have tons of space in my car camping area (weekend 1). I'm coming from Ventura County and willing to carpool, although I'll only have room for...
  7. Re: Share camping spot w/ 2 girls, I will provide tent & ride if needed!

    I have plenty of space for weekend 1 at my car camping spot. You bring your own tent and we'll work out the details. I'm driving from Ventura County and willing to carpool, but I'll only have room...
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