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    Looking for ride back to Las Vegas

    Me and my friend Evelina are looking for a way back to Las Vegas and some good company along the way! We are more than happy to chip in for our share of the gas and share experiences during the trip...
  2. Nights are colder than expected - Need a blanket!

    Hey there,

    Me and my friend are newbies in terms of camping and were unpleasantly surprised by the cold last night: would anyone have a spare blanket to share? If you do, msg me: 646 456 48 35. My...
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    Re: Las Vegas to Coachella Weekend 2

    Hi all, very last minute but is anyone still driving down from Vegas today?Me and my friend are looking for a ride and offer coverage for the fuel and plenty of good company in exchange! :) Msg me at...
  4. Last minute - looking for a drive down from Vegas to Coachella today

    Hi all,

    Very last minute but me and my friend are looking for a drive down with anyone still abt to leave Vegas,plenty of good company and contribution to the fuel offered in exchange! :) Please...
  5. Week-end 2 - Looking for extra room on a camping spot

    Hi all,

    Evelina (25, Greek) and myself (27, Belgian) are coming all the way down from NYC where we study at Columbia University and are still looking for a camping spot to enjoy the on-site...
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    Re: Sharing Car Camping Weekend 2!(Vegas)

    Hi there,

    We are two girls currently studying in NY (25 and 27) and we will be landing in Las Vegas, so looking for people to share the trip to Coachella and the camping site. We do not have a...
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