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  1. Will SHARE camp, food, beer etc(need ticket or $250)

    Im coming from phoenix for only two nights (thurs and fri), and want to go to the show just fri, maybe sat. and going home saturday. so u can share my food, beer etc. and the site is all yours sat...
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    CAMP SHARE w just me and the tahoe($250)

    im goin alone and will be there just thurs and fri. let me know. Avail to anyone. jason leaving for the desert soon. 9:15am
  3. Will share CAMPING, and all yours sat and sun

    im only going for thurs and fri nights and just want half of the camping pass back $250 for the whole weekend. im parking my tahoe on th spot for 2 nights then its all yours--i also still need a...
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    CAMPING PASS(share for ticket) or $600

    im headin out thursday and will trade barter whatever for a ticket and give you my camping pass. serious only please email
  5. Will share site for a ticket (or fair price)

    im coming from phx with two girls and have room for a tent and small group, but i need A Ticket. if seriuos
  6. Re: Have available space to share - What's your Story?

    i could if u have an extra ticket or maybe we agree on a price. just me and two girls.
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    Need Campsite/I need ticket!

    i am coming from Phoenix with some really cool girls and we have room for one more tent. i will do it and share my stuff (food, beer etc) for a 3 day pass. any serious takers let me know. private...
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    Re: D.U.I.'s in the campgrounds.

    im with THISDJ--what the hell are you clowns thinking. this is a festival, not Arpaio's tent city. park dont drive!!! or stay on your facebook tweeting. not here and not nonsense
  9. Thread: Campground Yoga

    by jshorb

    Re: Campground Yoga

    very cool babe-- im in. jason from scottsdale
  10. Driver from Phoenix to share a camping spot

    i got a sweet tahoe loaded with gas, food, and beer. im chiil, love music, and partying but way respectful. will pick yuo and group up anywhere in valley to park my truck for US. let me know....
  11. Re: Condo space available (within walking distance to Coachella)

    hey bro see my private message--were in for sure. jason
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    Re: Coming from PHX early Thursday, have room.

    so do u have a camping spot or not, im looking to drive my tahoe. im 40 and straight but open to new friends. so let me know, i was actually going to drive thursday night or fri morning. jason
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    Re: I have a camping spot I'm not gonna use.

    call me i have cash in hand right now and its more than 200. jason
  14. Driver from Phoenix to share a camping spot

    hey im way cool and chill, will drive you and friends from phoenix or flag in exchange for a share of camping spot. now i will pay for all gas, food and beer plus give you 200 bucks. smokin deal--get...
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    Re: willing to share camp space

    Im chill from Phoenix and could actually pick u girls up and pay 200 to share, save the rental. also i cover all food and beer. perfect deal. let me know. very chill and cool.
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    Re: A (potential) spot for you to sleep!

    a just sent u a private message about the spot. way cool chill guy from phoenix. let me know. thanks bro
  17. Re: Will share one car camp site with specific person or persons

    hey partner, my name is jason shorb from phoenix. i am a VP of sales and need a spot. i will bring tons of food and beverage and am very respectful. i will pay u for the share of the other spot and...
  18. Will Drive and Pay from Phoenix for share of camping

    im totally chill with a big tahoe and ready to role out from the desert (phoenix). will pay for the site and gas and food and beer. let me know.
    jason 602-750-3464.
  19. I drive (phoenix), pay (gas,food,beer) and u share Campsite

    really cool guy with tahoe, looking to trade rides from PHX for a share of the campsite. will pay for the site, gas and foood, beer. jason
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    Re: I only have camping spots

    this is very cool, how nice of you to offer and profitable. im jason from phoenix, very respectful and reliable. Very interested and will pay now for a good spot to put my Tahoe and Tent. thank you,...
  21. Share Campsite for all beer and food--and ill pay the campsite cost

    totally cool guy coming from phoenix, driving alone and will pay for food and beer. jason
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    FREE ride from PHX to share campsite

    I have agreat Tahoe and will pay for the campsite, drive a group to coachella and pay for the food and beer. jason
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    Re: Car camping pass all to myself.

    hey im tottally cool ex pro vball player coming from phoenix for first time. have a big tahoe and will pay for the pass and supply all the beer and food. jason 602-750-3464
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    Re: 3 day pass & camping pass for sale

    is it available, im from phoenix. 602-750-3464
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