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  1. Re: Question for those that attended weekend 1

    wristband registration was a joke. It didn't matter.
  2. Re: Your top five acts of Coachella 2014 (Weekend One Edition)

    1. Outkast (I don't care if Andre was moody, he's mostly moody. It was a goddamn reunion and I'd waited years to see it. And I like overalls.)
    2. Future Islands
    3. Shlomo
    4. Jagwar Ma
    5. Pixies
  3. Re: Annual summary of the awesome and not awesome

    There wasn't nearly as much fuckery with ins/outs at the beer garden this year. 2013 they were taking away your water bottles for ins/outs and it slowed up the line. They didn't take my water this...
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    Re: Did it seem more crowded this year?

    It felt more crowded this year. There were a few scary clusterfucks. Empire of the Sun in the Sahara--entered from Mojave side right before it started. In/Out door jam was a little scary, feet lifted...
  5. Re: Windy Experiences and how it affected your favorite bands....

    2014 wind had nothing on 2013 wind. I'm tall, and was dying during Wu-Tang--sand in the contacts. Left during Chili Peppers. 2014 wind was bad, but not as bad as 2013. I stayed until the end and was...
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    Re: Bands you can't miss Weekend Two....

    Future Islands. Lead singer gets down and sings with passion. Like the albums, loved their set.
  7. Re: I've been the past 7 years w friends, this time I think it's SOLO!

    Preach! This is my philosophy. It's just the best thing in the world, buy tickets during presale and just go. It's always good.
  8. Thread: New Order

    by hotpantsdiva

    Re: New Order and My Missed Connection...

    To the pretty English boy I danced with during the New Order encore: I only got a taste of honey but I wanted the whole bee hive. Hit me up!

    Yes, New Order was my favorite of the weekend. I saw...
  9. Thread: Bowie

    by hotpantsdiva

    Re: Bowie

    Yeah, maybe Bowie and Mick could have a Coachella hook up. For old times sake.
  10. Re: Your face when they announced S.S. Coachella

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    Re: This Is What To Pack

    A saline nasal spray (like Ocean) will keep your nostrils moist and happy and non-bloody. It's like a portable neti pot.
    If your nose gets stuffy with dust or other things I've used Afrin but that...
  12. Re: Are people going to "Register" their Wristband?

    Yes. I bought through stubhub, same issue. I'm terrified of fucking up the registration or having it not work or having them not let me in. I'm probably being paranoid/overly cautious but fear of...
  13. Re: Things That Will Not Be Overheard At Coachella 2012

    Don't worry, I know exactly where we parked the car.
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    Re: After Coachella, then what?

    Although I hope to check out the thrift stores in Palm Springs this year. The problem is it's usually difficult to walk by Monday.
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    Re: coachella dress code

    I personally have never worn open toed shoes. Always sneakers of some sort. I just remember my first year (2008) some of the bathrooms by Sahara had overflowered by nightfall and I thought, I'll...
  16. Re: Top 5 Best Coachella Moments from 1999 to 2011

    2011 - Cut/Copy tent. Everyone was dancing their ass off, and the energy was amazing
    2009 - Morrissey because it was for the fans and his voice still sounds like butta
    2008 - Hot Chip. The sun...
  17. Re: Top 5 Best Coachella Moments from 1999 to 2011

    I loooved Chemical Brothers last year. The visuals, the dancing, the glow sticks. Everything about the set was fantastic.
  18. Re: Coachella 2012 Announcement Tuesday May 31st @ 10am

  19. Re: Coachella 2012 Announcement Tuesday May 31st @ 10am

    I love Coachella so much but I probably drop $700 at the end of the day for one weekend. 2 would leave me in the poorhouse. Also, after 3 days at Coachella it's usually a miracle I can walk at all.
  20. Re: Coachella 2012 Announcement Tuesday May 31st @ 10am

    Well, I guess after reading this stupid thing a million times, it's business as usual. Because 2 weekends aren't going to sell out in 1 week with NO artists named. So we wait until January, when...
  21. Re: Coachella 2012 Announcement Tuesday May 31st @ 10am

    I'm all for planning ahead but 11 months ahead?
    So I need to buy tickets now without knowing the lineup, what the difference between the 2 weekends is, or when this will sell out? WTF.
  22. Re: 2012 Announcement

    Now I'm going to freak out all weekend. More so than the great "release the goddamn set times already" freak out of Coachella 2011.

    If they cancelled it...
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    Re: No single-day tickets?

    Wait a minute, Coachella. No single day passes? No buying a 3-day and then selling of individual tickets to your friends? Do you realize this means that you're inadvertently MAKING us pay MONEY to...
  24. Thread: Set Times

    by hotpantsdiva

    Re: Set Times

    Coachella, you CANNOT have Morrissey and Girl Talk overlap. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD swap Girl Talk and The Presets. It's bad enough that everything that I want to see is overlapped, and that...
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