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  1. In desperate need of a car! WE WILL SHARE OUR LOT

    We have a car camping pass but no car! Message if you would be willing to share a lot with us! We are coming from LA! Weekend 2!
  2. Re: Friends Bailed Last Minute... I'm still going... Looking for Coachella friends

    Hey do you have a car? We have a car camping pass but no car, and therefore no way to get in! Please say you can help!! WE are down to chill at any set, we like all kinds of music. Email me if its...
  3. Re: Won tickets through KROQ but not camping! Lookin to carpool & possibly share camp

    Hey we have a car camping pass but no car! If you are willing to pick us up from LA on the way please let me know! Feel free to email me at!
  4. Re: Friend possibly ditching me because of work, anyone needs a ride or camping spot?

    My friend and I have a car camping pass but no car. We are coming from LA. Anyway you could get us on your way??? You are free to use our lot to put your car in!
    email me:
  5. Re: Ride and Tent provided for anyone with a camping pass

    Alright! Well you can email me at if that makes things easier. You can look me up on facebook as well. Can I look up you guys as well? Haha.

    We will arrive at LAX...
  6. Re: Car camping weekend 2 - ride for shared camping space

    Hey! We are two girls who are flying in from Canada! We recently acquired the tickets from a friend who couldn't go, and it's too late for us to drive down now. We have a car camping pass! So we can...
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    FREE Car Camping Pass, Weekend Two!

    Two girls, who have a camping pass but no car! We are giving away this pass for free, which means you get free camping AND parking, as long as you have a car! The only condition is that we camp on...
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