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    Re: Sharing camp spot week 1

    6 would be a really tight fight since those spots are kind of small, but itll make for a very interesting experience
  2. Looking for a Weekend 1 GA+ camping pass in the LA area

    Looking for a weekend 1 camping pass, willing to pay face for it or trade for a weekend 1 without camping and cover the difference

    If interested shoot me a text

  3. TRADE: Weekend 2 pass for weekend 1 with camping

    Hello Everyone

    I had purchased two weekend 2 passes but I can not make it that weekend. So I would like to trade one of my weekend 2 passes for a weekend 1 pass with camping, I will pay the...
  4. Re: Have 3 weekend 1 tickets I need to trade for weekend 2

    I have two weekend 2 tickets that Id like to trade for weekend 1 PM me if interested
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    TRADE: Weekend 2 tickets for weekend 1

    Hey everyone

    I purchased two weekend 2 tickets during the pre-sale and I need to trade them for two weekend 1 tickets
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