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    Re: San Diego Pre-Coachella Get Together

    I'm not a huge "forum fan" but I would suggest a public area like the beach on a weekend where you could play volleyball, boccee ball, horseshoes etc... That way no one would have to host a party...
  2. Re: lake cahuilla...

    I have a reservation by myself, since my lazy friends took too long to buy their tix. So if they let me I'll be happy to add a car onto my reservation. I'm not sure how that works, but e-mail me so...
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    Offering ride from San Diego

    All my friends bailed on me, so I'm by myself. I'm leaving Thursday night and returning Mon. morning.
    You must be over 21.
    Send me an e-mail
  4. Re: lake cahuilla...

    Thanks, I'll call Mon. morning
  5. Re: lake cahuilla...

    I haven't been to Lake Cahuilla in 3 years. So now you have to book for overflow? It's not just first come first serve? I just called and they said I have to call the reservation line which is only...
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