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  1. Re: DJ question - What's the difference...?

    w/r/t Shadow & Cut: I was making a quality statement. Sets where they DJ their own work vs. spinning others' records are equally entertaining. However, I'm less entertained when I see the Chems "DJ"...
  2. Re: DJ question - What's the difference...?

    So, let's say you go see an act like Daft Punk, Justice, Underworld, The Chemical Bros., Moby, or The Crystal Method:

    If it's a DJ set, it's them playing other people's records (probably with a...
  3. Re: GIRLS most disappointing concert last 5 years

    I caught them @ The Detroit in Costa Mesa a couple of months back, and they killed. Granted, that was a VERY small venue, but they did remember to bring the rock. <shrug> Maybe they had an off...
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