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    Re: PRE SALE coachella 2014

    Stagecoach sold 55k for 2011 and 2012, and the only reason it didn't sell more those years is because they reached their cap. Based on the exponential growth from years past, all signs pointed that...
  2. Selling 2 passes to weekend #2 plus car camping @ face value

    Selling 2 passes to weekend #2 plus car camping for $783 (face value). Contact me at

    Thanks :cool:
  3. Selling a pair of weekend #2 passes w/ car camping -- FACE VALUE $783

    PM me if interested. I live in Corona... we can meet halfway when I get the tickets later this month.
  4. Re: Pro Tip: If you have Weekend 2 Passes and want to trade for Weekend 1, don't bot

    Camping pass will only work with the wristband that was delivered in the same order, i.e. if you want to buy a camping pass, you need to ALSO purchase the concert passes that came with it.
  5. Re: Buying tickets on Stubhub or encore tickets??? good idea or bad idea??

    @megatron8: Please check your inbox. I sent you a private message.
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