Fab 40+

  1. motionnn77
    Hopefully, I WILL meet you all this year! And I'm getting closer to being 40+. I'll be 38 in May!

    Oh, and congrats, Pixie! I became an aunt again last year on Dec. 27th!
  2. DJdharma
    i promise ; )
  3. Pixiessp
    And maybe I will finally make it. *fingers crossed*
  4. psychic friend
    psychic friend
    hey fellow older people.. curious if anyone invests.. stocks.. mutual funds. etc. i'm kind of surprised that topic doesnt seem to be discussed anywhere. or i can't find it or haven't noticed it. also figured it's something more people get into later-sh. anyone up for starting a discussion in one the groups? hiding in social groups or here?
  5. ThatGirl
    I have retirement funds that are partially invested in mutual funds but I trust a financial person to pick shit for me and I have no idea.
  6. locachica73
    This is something I need to think about again. I had a pretty nice 401k awhile back, then I lost my job and had to clean it out in order to pay bills. Right now I am using all of my extra money to pay down debt, but if I stay on track that will be taken care of in the next year. Then I want to buy a condo and start investing into some sort of retirement plan. My goal is to not have to live with my children in my later years.
  7. getbetter
    Is 401k one of the bettee investments? I feel like cashing in my 401k and throwing it into a CD account.
  8. locachica73
    Tom would be a good one to ask that question. I know there is thread on the main board that discussed this quite a bit, but I can't think of the name of it at this time. You will get raped on the penalties and tax if you close it out though. They took almost half right off the top before mailing me my check and then I had to pay $3500 in tax that year on top of it. You might go talk to your bank, they usually have advisors there that can lead you in the right direction.
  9. locachica73
  10. psychic friend
    psychic friend
    i wasn't really talking about 401k or ira. i have those too but ..yawn.. i meant like. i have money in savings and having it sit in the bank is almost as pointless as stuffing it in my mattress. so i also have some in stocks and mutual funds. i think i read somewhere you should invest whatever 100- your age is.. percent wise. so that means I should probably transfer more from my bank to my brokerage account to invest. i just did a big chunk last week. and its already up more than what i make for an entire year in the bank. I realize that is only if sold but still you get the idea. ill go read through that link loooocccaaaa. thanks
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