1. Natelevmofuggaz
  2. Natelevmofuggaz
    I'm guessing you guys probably use this site, but if you don't it is pretty great:
  3. Aurgasm
    niceeeeeeee thank you
  4. RoughSteez
    If you can figure out how to use this website, it is a treasure trove of new and old releases on just about every electronic artist. Best way to use this site is add "funky souls" to a Google search of an artist. Example: Funky Souls Andy Stott
  5. Aurgasm
    wow I've not used either of those sites before!

    Also I'm enjoying both of these LPs, Nate. Thank you kindly. I'll be purchasing both
  6. chiapet
    inevil looks cool but most of the download links are a bit useless... US IPs blocked, or limited to 1-2 downloads per day. I guess I'm greedy. ;)
  7. Natelevmofuggaz
    I don't know I find inevil pretty useful. I have gotten a lot of free music off that site (not to mention you can preview everything before you download it - pretty nifty). Like everyone I wish mediafire was the paradigm but it seems they have been cracking down lately.

    And no problem Aurgasm, glad you dug em'. I really like them both as well.
  8. Aurgasm
    no no no.. you dont get it

    I LOVE this new shifted!

    So happy with it. It would have been better as a Fall/Winter release but, whatevz. I'll get around to posting something soon. I think we should have a new "discussion" for each piece posted.
  9. SoulDischarge
    So I wanted Forza to hear this compilation of James Pennington's productions (a.k.a. Dark Energy a.k.a. Suburban Knight). He was part of the UR stable of Detroit techno producers and was one of the earliest and best examples of dark cerebral techno out there. In my opinion, he's seriously overlooked and under-represented on the usual multimedia internet hot spots, so if you're into old school dark Detroit shit, grab this now, Dark Energy - Collided Energy:
  10. unknown
    Roughsteez - I fucking LOVE funkysouls! I always use it in my search when all the other routes fail and most of the time, they do have it.

    Has anyone heard of Coeter One? His album Schwarze Kiwi came up on nodata the other day and quick research led me to believe I would like his work (mainly that he is from Germany and playing an upcoming gig with Lucy). So his album is pretty good and a bit dark like I like it, gonna check out a live mix in a bit. Here's a link
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