The 2012 Meetup -- Weekend 1

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  1. TomAz
    I am sitting next to pixies at dinner and we decided 6p in the beer gdn betw main & outdoor

    No sign we don't have one sorry
  2. motionnn77
    Ok, I'll try to find you.
  3. motionnn77
    tried to find you, but froze to death.. (nearly). was there with my french fries for an hour:-(
  4. Pixiessp
    I tried to find Tom, Sean and Marc but just could not locate the bastards. :) Ended up leaving and going to the Dr. Dre tent to try and warm up. Aerin, if i had known you were there as well I would have kept an eye out. Next year we will DEFINITELY get a picture. That is unless we, as a people, don't make it past December. ha ha ha!!!
  5. TomAz
    well shit. sorry for that Aerin. Next year someone will organize this better.

    But yeah Sean and Marc and I were wandering around looking for people for quite some time.
  6. JoeCthulhu
    Let's do this better this year?
  7. algunz
    Yes, much better.
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