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  1. DaytonaDave
    I come in early Thursday, and the rest of my group late Thursday. I am open to suggestions on the where/when. A lot depends on when people get there and how much time they will need to put into their site setups. For Friday, maybe we could meet by the extra large lockers around noon?
  2. stephany
    Hey groupie! first coachella for me. Ill be coming from San Diego, Cali. If any of you guys are down here we can carpool, i have some room in my car. Im 20 so hopefully youre around the same age. looking to party and meet new friends.
  3. eherrera5
    What's up group?! I'm Flying down from Vancouver Canada, can't wait to party and meet new people!
  4. 11WIZARD11
    my group is planning on getting 5 spots all together. we always have extra room if people don't have a place.
  5. Niccole
    Hi im Nikki from LA. Used to live in the desert. This will be my third year in a row going. Im bringing my very good friend from New Jersey and also she is a newbie to coachella so im looking to camp near a bunch of fun people. Last time i camped next to some Debbie downers so I really wanna plan out a great camping area this year.
  6. djbionik
    Hey guys,

    I'm Monica. Thought I'd join this group since my friend and I are finally looking at the logistics of weekend 1 vs weekend 2, and we finally settled on weekend 2. This will be her second, and I think my 6th.. 8th?
    Anyway, I have always gone with different people and this time looking for people to meet up with since the ones I know are going weekend 1. We'll be camping, and hoping to get there between 3-6 on Thursday from Salt Lake. I've met some great people through Coachella, but there's always room for more! We're a bit older- 31, but still down to party, so I would love to camp next to some good neighbors- preferably with similar tastes as us, but that's all relative since we're all making a trek to the desert to play and listen to fantastic music. Can't wait to meet you all!
  7. DaytonaDave
    31? That is crazy old! Oh crap, I am 43 - wtf am I talking about?!?
  8. djbionik
    Ha! Not by any means old. I just meant I've been feeling a lot of this lately...

    ... and hope we're not considered crochety for being a little more experienced. Last time we camped next to children. They were young kids from L.A., their first festival ever, and apparently first time doing a lot of drugs. I really wanted to help them out, but figured everyone deserves their first time, so I laid off once I got an eye roll after giving some advice. And it was just tragic watching them pass out by 5pm and miss the whole day. Bro's were behind us, and anti-social and very paranoid girls on the other side. And in between them all was us, a mötley crew of party girls with a sweet set up, booze, games, food, and candy to share, and no one around us to share with. hahah... so I'm looking for a better fit, if you know what I mean.

    I pulled out last minute last year, and still confused about the whole two weekend thing. So I have this theory that the first weekend is mostly adults, and vets who have years of 'Chella's under their belt, and the second weekend is where all the young ruckus is. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out. I'm excited either way, and SO down to party with new people.
  9. DaytonaDave
    Nice! I am definitely one of those "21 on the inside" types too.

    This will be my 6th(7th/8th?) Coachella, and 2nd one doing the car camping. Also my 2nd one camping with random people. Last year I had a couple of kids from Atlanta and a standup comic from Hollywood crashing at my place. Was definitely a good time with new people. I have a 10x15 screened room and gear for 4 people, so as we get closer I am sure I will be able to find some people to camp with. There is always someone who bought tickets, booked flights, and then realized they forgot to get a place to crash.

    The only thing I want to do different this year is try to have the people camping with me drive in with me too so we can have a double-wide spot. The 10x15 is awesome, but takes up a lot of space.

    As for old vs young, I think it is a mix both weekends. Last year had some young party people going til 5am on one side, and a chill 30+ Canadian crew on the other. I am going weekend 2 again this year and already starting to get excited :)
  10. dopegirlgill
    Hey ya'll whats good :)??
    I'm a 23 year old Canadian Asian girl and it's my second year at Coachella (WEEKEND 2) & I'm travelling from NYC alone!
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