Come Celebrate my Bday with Me!!

    My 24th bday is April 21st, so I'm trying to meet people before I go and have a birthday party at Coachella! So excited!! :)

  2. DaytonaDave
    Happy Early B-Day Kristen! I am camping with a few people I have never met, and we are all down to meet and party with new people. A birthday makes it even better!
  3. latrojan976
    I will be camping weekend 2. My birthday is April 22nd. Happy birthday.
  4. djbionik
    FUN! We'll make sure you get your birthday spanks :)
  5. Chasing_Chella
    Well, Happy early Birthday Kristen!
    My birthday is April 25th!
    I'll be heading to Coachella for the first time. Bought my ticket as an early birthday gift for myself.

    I'll be carpooling with strangers and who know's where I'll be sleeping, but that doesn't matter.

    I'm definitely down to party and celebrate your birthday!

    Let's make this happen :D
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